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    login as root [solved]

    sorry cyberjackle it was in response to what scarecrow posted but since removed
  2. what are all these .resolv.conf.****** files in my tmp directory about? there must be close to 50 of them, the last six digits of each file looks like a random set of upper and lower case letters. all look to be empty files in an editor? just curious, I've never seen this before, but if I'm thinking right the . before the file means they are hidden and maybe thats why I haven't!
  3. jimp

    login as root [solved]

    ok I have it now (after failing to figure out how to make WinSCP login on sudo su)so I log into my user account and can transfer files to the home directory then I can putty in and su and chown the files and move them where they go. Was a lot easier to use one program to put them where I needed them in the first place. my only question is why is this more secure? I am using the same ssh to send my password during the WinSCP login as I am to send the su password during putty? or am I missing something here?
  4. jimp

    login as root [solved]

    well I hear you tell me what not to do but I can't hear your solution for an alternative way to get the functionality to remote admin this computer, I like WinSCP it allows me to copy files from my windows machine to my linux and also alows me to edit files on my linux machine from my windows desktop. but I need to be able to either log in as root or login as another user who has root type privileges so I can work on this machine without being there.
  5. jimp

    login as root [solved]

    This didnt quite get what i wanted, never actuly found it, but I went to system- configuration- other-user administration, where there are no settings for root, but I was able to change my normal users home file to the root folder but now im finding out I still dont have permission to write to it from WinSCP?
  6. Is it possible to set up mandrake/mandriva to login as root instead of this deal where you login as a normal user then su to root? this is not that much of a problem except that I would like to log in with WinSCP via ssh and can only login as normal user then I cant get past the users home directory. is there another work around for this? I've always just loged in as root from windows on other distros.
  7. ok one more question, This box will eventually be behind a firewall on the dmz because it is a web/mail server so i guess i should just put the gateway address in the allow file and anything the firewall allows will be sent thru that so then it will be accepted? doesn't seem like I've ever had to mess with these files on any other distro, just tell it no firewall and let her rip since I am firewalling on another machine. And thanks once more.
  8. well it was a pretty good stab !! I also had a look in hosts.deny it has a line ALL:ALL EXCEPT so I assume I can comment this line out and then lt would work. what about entire subnets? by service for any service? Thanks
  9. I just installed 2005 limited edition ppc on a g4 iMac, I have it running but I cant access it from the network. I have the fire wall set to none, have sshd running,webmin running, but I keep getting access denied errors when I try to use webmin or ssh, I tried to ping the network address from my windows box and dropped 100% of the packets yet I can ping the windows box from the iMac. also I have httpd running and am getting the default apache mysql advx.org page when I try so that is working. any ideas? I know that sshd and webmin wern't installed with everything else, I used rpmdrake to install them afterwards. Thanks
  10. jimp

    XML support

    What package do I need to install on my mandrake 10.0 machine to get XML support for my website? I know it is on the 10.0 discs because I had it without even doing anything special when I originally installed mandrake on this machine. Then I installed 10.1 but after finding that I didn’t have XML support, among other things, I reformatted and reinstalled 10.0 but after 3 times of this I am still unable to get my PHP applications to recognize I have XML support? I don't know if I am missing some package I originally installed or if my PHP application has gone wacky or if I just need to bounce my head against the wall a couple more times or what? But I thought that if I knew what package XML support comes in then maybe I could check and see if that package is installed and narrow down the problem. Any Ideas/help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jimp
  11. jimp

    Total Backup

    Ok I just got home (long day) so I wont have time to play with it at all tonight but I will see what I can do tomorrow. No I just split the my system drive (40 gig) "/" "/boot" "/home "/var" "/usr", but thenew 120 gig I just partitioned it with three 40 gig partitions, so I guess I should repartition the back up drive to more closely match my primary drive before I get started.
  12. jimp

    Total Backup

    Thanks, Just a quick note of appreciation (home for lunch) That’s just the type of info I was hoping to get, as soon as I get time I will look into your suggestions, I assume dd is a command line utility already part of the shell that I can find a man page on, and that partimage is a separate package? And since running them via cron they can be run without shutting down. Cool Once again thanks and I will post back after doing some research.
  13. jimp

    Total Backup

    hello all, I don't know if this is where I should post this but for lack of finding a better spot here it is; I recently had a hard drive failure on our Linux webserver, due to negligence and stupidity on my part I only had a handful of things backed up. when this happened I grabbed another 40 gig drive ( I have a stack of them that were failed video raid drives, go figure they would fail again) reinstalled all the programs and began the painstaking endeavourer of configuring everything. I also ordered a new 120 gig drive I installed it in my Linux server and created 3 40 gig partitions , /backup /spare /winfiles (the last being fat32 formatted while the former 2 Linux fs3) this is all on mandrake 10 distro. what I need is for someone to lead me in the right direction from here, I would like to set this up so that my Mandrake 10.0 on the old drive is redundantly backed up to the new one so if and when it fails again I can just point lilo or grub or whatever to the other drive and be back in business, I would also like the backup drive to stay current with as little input from me as possible. so if anyone knows what packages I need to install or how to set this up please reply and thanks in advance for any help, also if you need to know anything else about my system or what I’m trying to do feel free to ask. I am new to Linux so I probably haven’t provided the details you need, thanks again jimp [moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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