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Desktop specific icons/menus? [solved]


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After resolving some massive hardware problems (by means of a 100% upgrade :P ) I'm back on linux again. A fresh install today all went fine, installed wireless drivers, messed around with ALSA, then went to set up my virtual desktops, and got thinking. Is it possible to have icons that only appear on one desktop? I understand whatever is situated in ~/Desktop is displayed on all desktops but is there a way of having a folder which contains icons to display on one particular desktop.


Failing this, is it possible to have some kind of menu or panel which stays pinned to a particular desktop and can contain icons speficid to that desktop?


I'm sure this must be possible but the means to do it escapes me, so I am asking the masses for :help:


Cheers in advance,


Owen Mc


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Many thanks, superkambara + some simple bar theme i found is exactly what i need. might mess around with some fancy themes at a later date, but for now I'm happy with this.


Cheers for replies,


Owen Mc

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