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how to add shortcuts to taskbar?


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how can i add new shortcuts to the taskbar? i need a shortcut to a text file that i regularly add to (i use it as my diary, or notes)..


btw, do you use any good software in linux for your notes, or diary, to save your thoughts, snippets of text you copy from the web, yoru own text notes , login info, links and the like?



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1. right click on the panel (what you call taskbar) -> add to panel non kde application ->

add this to the program launch -> kwrite /PATH/TO/THE/TEXT/FILE.txt

where kwrite is the name of the program that is going to open the file, and path is the path to the file


2. For quick notes I use an internet blog, so it's independent on my location or computer I use. I've set up my own on my own remote server, but there are many free ones out there.

But there are programs which you can use locally on your compute on Linux.

I've never used it, so I may be mistaken, I think it's called Knotes, but others will know better.

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i guess you are using kde as default windowmanager. if you simply want to note down some stuff, write a diary, then simple text exitors like kwrite might do the job for you. alternatively, there are full fledged (scientifically used) office applications like openoffice (equivalent to office-xp), but as openoffice is a bit big for such tasks, you could take a look at koffice or abiword. they load quite fast and offer you lots of formatting options.

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The simplest way to do what you want is to click on home and go to where your particular file is located and while holding down the left mouse button drag it to the taskbar and release it. It will then show you a menu with a couple options, I suggest the Add as File Manager URL.

Then whenever you click on it, it will open that file for you.

Hope this helps you. It is a non geek way. :D


Cheers. John.

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