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Help! Having Problems Installing Ndiswrapper


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Hey i really need help with this. Ive tried to set up ndiswrapper but i dont know where to start. All the how to's and help with ndiswrapper that ive been able to find deal with getting it to work and dont include actually how to get the package or how ever it comes with mandrake to install on the system! Im a newbie and i really cant do much of any thing yet but i need the wireless to work (only viable means of internet). PLEASE i beg you, any one that can help walk me through the set up from the very beginning, PLEASE HELP!!! im running out of options....




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Ndiswrapper is a kernel module (and some scripts I guess). A module is a driver. So what you do is installing a driver. If you want to understand how to 'load a module' (in windows: install a driver) read about the modprobe command.


Further, ndiswrapper isn't a normal driver. It's more a translation device between a windowsdriver and the linux kernel but that isn't really important.


If you're using Mandriva le2005 the setup should be automatic. Just let the Madriva Control Center set it up for you.


If you use an earlier version first try to set it up with the MCC if that doesn't work try :

https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=14972 Just follow these instructions and tell us where you got stuck

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I dont think ndiswrapper is setup because i do not have the directories that are listed in the ndiswrapper setup walkthrough for where to put the windows drivers. also where is the control center, just on the far left menu? Im sorry im honestly trying to get this to work its just i really dont know what im doing yet, the whole idea of my trying to get linux to work is to learn but some of this is just to much for me to do alone. What i really need is just some one that can tell me what i need to do not just point me in a direction. Im not good with command line so the only way to learn is by doing this type of stuff but just fallowing genral derections doesnt really help me because i dont learn what the syntax actually means. Ill look up modprobe and see if i can stumble around, see if i can figure it out.

If any one uses AIM or Gaim or what ever my S/N is NateDogg785, IM me if you can help walk me through this process or show me how to load a module correctly.


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I am having the same problem, at least to the level that NateDogg described it. If anyone wants me to start my own thread I will do so.


I run lspci like the guide in the howto describes to do. However, my WUSB54G adapter does not show up, so I am unable to put the vendor and device for that matter with the loadndisdriver command. Does that make a difference? I decided to run harddrake and see what it says. My wireless USB adapter appears under a section called "Unknown". I ran dmesg and all it says is that it detected a high speed USB device or something.

What must I do to obtain the vendor and device? Is it the same on all systems for that specific card? If so, is there a table I can look at to obtain that information?

I am running Mandrake 10.1 with a Linksys Wireless-G USB adapter. Thank you for any help that can be provided.

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OK, im to the point that i give up, can any one tell me a good wireless pci g and b card that 10.1 will be GUARANTIED to work with out of the box.


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That ndiswrapper thread should be unstuck, it contains instructions for older ndiswrapper versions.


In current versions the instructions are very different and are cleanly explained on the ndiswrapper wiki.





mandrake users only need to begin from the Install Windows Driver step.

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