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    Computers (Obviously), both Windows and Linux, Video Games, Soccer, Raquet ball, LEGOs, Pool, Poker, part time windows help desk worker. Full time Engineering student.

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  1. Ive tried the sticky in the tips and tricks forum and i cant get it to see the wlan0. can any one help? i can post up any thing you want me to, just let me know what you want me to post... ive been working on this for over a month and cant come up with any thing... im getting desprit... HELP!
  2. i entered all that in consol as su but it still just shows up as ethernetcard in hardware in mcc... when i try and configure it doesnt have any thing in the list that works... any thoughts? Thanks for the posts
  3. Ok, i got the package using urmpi and it took it fron the #3 install cd however i dont know enough to know where it put this or how to use it... Im trying to get my llinksys wireless PCI card WMP11 to work, i have the windows drivers, WMP11NDS.inf and WMP11NDS.sys What do i need to do to get these drivers to power my wireless? T.I.A. Nate [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. OK, im to the point that i give up, can any one tell me a good wireless pci g and b card that 10.1 will be GUARANTIED to work with out of the box. Thanks
  5. I dont think ndiswrapper is setup because i do not have the directories that are listed in the ndiswrapper setup walkthrough for where to put the windows drivers. also where is the control center, just on the far left menu? Im sorry im honestly trying to get this to work its just i really dont know what im doing yet, the whole idea of my trying to get linux to work is to learn but some of this is just to much for me to do alone. What i really need is just some one that can tell me what i need to do not just point me in a direction. Im not good with command line so the only way to learn is by doing this type of stuff but just fallowing genral derections doesnt really help me because i dont learn what the syntax actually means. Ill look up modprobe and see if i can stumble around, see if i can figure it out. If any one uses AIM or Gaim or what ever my S/N is NateDogg785, IM me if you can help walk me through this process or show me how to load a module correctly. Thanks,
  6. Hey i really need help with this. Ive tried to set up ndiswrapper but i dont know where to start. All the how to's and help with ndiswrapper that ive been able to find deal with getting it to work and dont include actually how to get the package or how ever it comes with mandrake to install on the system! Im a newbie and i really cant do much of any thing yet but i need the wireless to work (only viable means of internet). PLEASE i beg you, any one that can help walk me through the set up from the very beginning, PLEASE HELP!!! im running out of options.... Thanks... [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. Should NDIS Wrapper already be on my system? These installation instructions on source forge are over my head... do you think you could help walk me through the installation process im still very new and trying to learn. but some of this command line and kernal source stuff is above my head...
  8. Im using 10.1, i wanted to play with linux a little before i decide i want to buy a copy. I am not sure what version my card is, i think there are three different versions but i am not sure. Also do you know what the name of the driver is and how to install the driver in linux, im a newbie so im still quite fresh to all this. I tried using the wireless config in mandriva but it didnt seem to want to automaticlly set it up, it wanted me to manually pick the driver from a list and it didnt seem to have one for linksys wmp11 there. if you know what i should be looking for (ie the name of the module or driver file) i would be very grateful! Thanks in advance!
  9. Just a quick Q for any one that has used this ndiswrapper program. Does it support linksys' WMP11 wireless PCI card? I talked to linksys' tech support and they said they do not support linux OS... =/ just wanted to know if this problem with solve my lack of drive(module) problem...? Thank in advance! [moved from Tips & Tricks by spinynorman]
  10. Yeah thanks pmpatrick, i checked the boot options and autologin was on. turned it off and now i have what i want =D (lets me select desktop mode on login, YEAH!) Thanks!
  11. OK, so ive just installed 10.1 Official and have Gnome set as the default desktop but id like to know how to switch them so i can try each one a little (both are installed). Also I would like to know how to put a login screen before mandrake starts up. I have a dual boot just FYI. I would like the root login as well as my user account to show up on the login. Also im having problems getting my wireless PCI card to work if any one knows any thing about configuring wireless and could help id be very grateful. Thanks!
  12. ok so its installed and i have no idea how to get my wireless to work... HELP!!!
  13. Hey im about to install Mandrake 10.1 official and was wondering if there are any know problems with my linksys wireless PCI card that i use for internet, should 10.1 have the proper modules to work with this hardware? just thought i would ask before i dive into the install and find out i dont have drivers ;P Thanks in advance! smilie
  14. I think so, we are working on a kiosk mode using Knoppix and we were able to change values for the KDE desktop in a config file (we created a new desktop for this called kiosk) and then just set desktop = kiosk on boot. so i think you should be able to modify the desktop. cant tell you if its the same as with knoppix but that worked for us. you just have to boot into that mode at startup... =/
  15. Ok, Thanks allot! you've been very helpful. With my luck im sure i have some more issues the second time around. so ill be sure to post where appropriate. Again Thanks!
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