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Install locks up before GUI appears [solved]

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I will try LE 2005 and Berry Linux. Up to this point I have tried MDK 10.1, Ubuntu 5.4 install and live, Knoppix, FC4, FC3, debian 3.0r4, and xandros desktop, none have worked. I haven't removed my usb devices b/c on a previous motherboard with same usb devices, I had no problem installing MDK and FC3. If I cannot use them, I will probably not install linux, or I will revert to my old motherboard :(


Will post results Sunday night (going to Disneyland for the weekend).


Thanks to all for your imput.


Will post results Sunday Night.

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It's not necessarily a case you can't use the USB devices, it's just that during the installation, USB devices can cause probs. If you remove and try, you might be able to complete the installation, reboot, then connect them up, and be in business with a fully working install of Mandrake/Mandriva.


However, as arctic mentioned you're probably best getting hold of LE2005 since you have a really up-to-date system, that 10.1 Official might lack support for.

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While waiting to leave, I downloaded and tried Berry Linux, it worked!!! I made it to the desktop but the nic card was not configured, and I could not get into the NIC config portion, it asked for a password. This being a live cd, I was not given the opportunity to create one. It did not recognize my NVidia FX 5500 dual head AGP video card. I did have sound. I guess I could try SU from within a Term session?


I am downloading LE 2005, I will see how that works out before I decide which to use. I will post that on Sunday night.

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From what im reading, you have an nforce motherboard (correct me if im wrong). nforce 3 and 4 don't work with mandrake, period. I recommend you install another distro, ubuntu and fedora core 4 should work (they work with my nforce4)

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