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Mandrake... "The Magician"

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Mandriva (formely Mandrakesoft) today definitively settled the

litigation it had with Hearst Publications and Kingfisher Syndicate.

This litigation concerned the "Mandrake The Magician" character and had

being going on since 2000. The settlement, for an undisclosed amount,

will result in an exceptionnal profit for the current fiscal year.

Financial details will be made available with our yearly financial results.


Sincerely yours,


Jacques Le Marois

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The gist of it is (as i read it ) they were expecting to pay out a hefty sum but got a good result, they only paid a fraction of what they feared they might have to.

So Mandriva profits for this year or the next quarter are going to be double ?? what they expected.

Its party time if you own shares in Mandriva !! :b-balloon:

And if you don't, it means they have more cash to spend on research and development etc.

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It's probably accounting mumbo jumbo. Large organizations typically reserve for contingent liabilities like litigation. If they settle for an amount less than the reserved amount, everyone is very happy, especially the accountants, because on their books they made money, having already taken the hit when they originally set up the reserve fund.

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I think I have stumbled upon another part of the settlement. Seems they have handed over all their Mandrake domains to The Hearst Corporation a few days ago. I really don't know why they would want them... as they are set to expire in just a few months anyhow.


Paul... guard our "drake" domain with your life (or another admin of your choosing) :cheesy:

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