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LE2005, fonts look horrible [solved]


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My fonts after upgrading to LE2005 are really ugly. They're extremely pixelated and aren't very nice to use. I noticed a thread where someone's fonts looked like this:


To be honest, that is just how I would like to get my fonts to be like. I am running Gnome, but the fonts are bad in KDE as well (if that is of any significance).

Thanks a lot :)

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Guest =MaxiM=

I had the exact same problem under KDE - on some sites fonts were awfully thin and not antialiased. To change that i have only installed TrueType fonts and now everything looks as it supposed to. Just like the screenshot above.

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Try posting your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and and /etc/X11/fs/config files so people can compare to what's on their system for differences. These are the main config files that can impact font rendering. You also need to examine your X setup, i.e. list your graphics card, driver used, monitor, resolution, color depth. It could be just a driver issue on the graphics card or a misconfigured monitor selection. I assume your fonts looked OK prior to upgrading. If you have your old X config file, xorg.conf, you can compare it to what you have currently.

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you could try the following, it worked for me:




check the box against 'use anti-aliasing for fonts'


and then go to configure (same window)


and check the box against 'Use sub-pixel hinting'

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My experience with 10.2 is similar to =MaxiM='s. When I specify the use of TrueType fonts in the KDE Control Center (I am partial to Sans which is located in /usr/share/fonts/ttf/dejavu) then my fonts are very nice. You need to make sure the FreeType TrueType font rendering engine is installed:




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