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  1. Doh! :blush: add applet/taskbar!
  2. Hi all have a rather bizarre problem i'm trying to sort out for a friend in need. When she minimises any window it just disappears off screen! Opening up a new window shows that there are indeed other windows open, but we can't see/find them. I've been round the block trying top look at window configurations etc but to no avail. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, thinking about it I think that Konqueror does open up a text editor. I found Konqueror a really useful application to use - shame there doesn't seem to be a similar one in Gnome. I don't get much time at a PC now - not other than doing office work, not even wired to the internet, so it all seems a bit rusty. I'm editing the fstab for a friend though to install an ipod, so at least now I've a better idea. I'll post back if I encounter any problems. Thanks again.
  4. Just installed Suse 10. I want to edit fstab. In Mdk, using Konqueror this was straightforward, but with Suse and Gnome it seems less so. Googling brings up lots of command line stuff, but is there a similar process as if using Konqueror?
  5. This doesn't import the file either. I'm sure there must be a way - I'll keep on looking/trying and if I get a result will post back.
  6. Hey all I've done really stupid - my Yahoo POP email account was recently having some downloading issues to my Thunderbird email client. Anyway, I managed to delete the account - big oops!- losing all my emails . To be honest, most of them I can do without, but there were a couple which I'd like to rescue if at all possible. Looking at .Thunderbird I have 2 mail.yahoo.co.uk folders - 1 being the new account I re-created and the other related to the account I deleted. Inside the deleted account folder are various docs: looking at Sent.msf I can retrieve a number of messages in text format - opens with KWrite: (a lot of space is just continuous lines of characters which I assume are associated attachments?) However, opening (clicking on the icon) Inbox.msf just presents continous strings of characters - no obvious messages are apparent. If I copy this into the new account (replacing the other Inbox.msf) nothing happens either (for some reason I imagined that Thunderbird would open them). Anybody aware of a way I can retrieve these messages in either text format with KWrite or even through Thunderbird itself?
  7. Thanks for this chris, but unfortunately that didn't work either. I've since unistalled and reinstalled OOo through the MCC - and am I'm still unable to print. I then installed Star Office 7 - and everything just works fine - be it as a local or if connected to the print server. Whilst I'm happy with this, none-the-less its frustrating about OOo.
  8. thanks for this scarecrow. Thing is, until recently when it was running through a network (via a HP Jetdirect) it worked fine. Since abandoning the network, the problems are occuring only now occuring as a local printer.
  9. To no avail _ me thinks its borked. From the OOo documents: File/Printer Settings a Printer Setup window opens. Selecting Properties shows the following > Paper size - empty with no options to select A4 etc; Paper Tray says <ignore> without any option to select a tray. from /usr/lib/openoffice/spadmin.bin I can select the printer administration, but its just as above; however, it will not print a test opage from here.
  10. My local printer will not print from OOo. It will print a test page OK from the MCC and also spadmin. It'll also print an email I tried as a test. So it seems to be conmnected and talking with my PC. But it'll not print a doc in either .doc or .swx format - any suggestions? In MCC it shows as prinetr being configured OK. I've switched printer and PC off -on/reinstalled through the MCC/taken the cable out -in > still the same problems. MDK 10.2 KDE 3.3 Samsung ML-1755 printer
  11. you could try the following, it worked for me: menu>system>configuration>KDE>looknfeel>fonts check the box against 'use anti-aliasing for fonts' and then go to configure (same window) and check the box against 'Use sub-pixel hinting'
  12. OK, I'm at a 10.2 desktop and have just worked it out. First, I was initially thrown because there was no apparent option to 'extract here'. However, what you need to do is, as before, highlight, right click and then select *Ark*. From Ark you can extract (you will be asked where you want to place the new directory) and then the process is exactly as before/above.
  13. If your downloading and extracting the same way, then I dunno what the problem might be, I'm still using 10.1. I think you would need to say what not is working, what errors are beig reported etc , that way maybe some of the more tecchy minded folk here would then be able to offer some-insight
  14. Look in the MCC>software management>remove software The right hand pane will list where everyhing is installed (by urpmi). You can remove them/dependencies from here .
  15. arctic, i'd be interssted to know how necessary this bit is. Maybe I've being doing it wrong for the past 12 months or so :o but with easy urpmi after selecting all my mirrors, and generating the text to enter into console, I've just literally copied the *entire* text in one go and pasted into a console. In my rpm sources within mcc they all show as being there. But, if doing it this way somehow jeopordises things, then I obviosuly need to reverse this. But does it - is there some kind of risk that things may not work out properly? :unsure:
  16. see this post with relevant urpmi links (FAQ etc) here When copying the text into a console, it needs to be as SU. Also, in the MCC you'll need to unselect your CD sources (uncheck the boxes).
  17. Hey Rob welcome to the board. Well, I've no idea about compatibilty with your kit, but what you might want to consider trying is getting hold of a live cd such as knoppix (download the iso from knoppix site). This boots your PC from the CD (as oppossed to the Hard drive); whilst it will not be mandriva specific, it will give you a good idea if/what components are linux compatible. Good luck.
  18. As this is a distro needed for a TOTAL newbie, I wanted to suggest something which was gonna be problem free as poss. Now that arctic has shed some light on the problem of floppy disks, I'm leaning towards suggesting ubuntu/Beatrix. I installed Lycoris - but If the user wants to download additional software form the Lycoris site, again its based on a subscription/licencing service. The decision at the end of the day will not be mine though. I do think that once ubuntu or beatrix is installed, for someone who needs to get to know the very real basics i.e. word processing, emailing, web surfing then ubuntu will meet the demand PLUS its not as resource intensive as say Mandrake (though I guess I could opt for Mandrake + Gnome) - its gonna get installed on an old machine - I've noticed that on old, lower spec machines, Mandrake can have problems installing etc.
  19. You could see my reply within this recent thread here at MUB which always works for me. Though there are other ways, which you can search for here at MUB.
  20. ChrisM


    Thanks. I checked out the crossover web site, it seems it may not be supported. I was just kind of thinking there might be something similar in linux land. I'm quite happy myself with plain txt and thunderbird. I just wanted to see if there was some 'fun' linux based email available for my partners teenager. Incredimail certainly seems to offer that but we don't use winblows.
  21. Glad that it worked out. Now that your issue is resolved, can you can mark it as so - just go to your original message, hit the edit button, and write [resolved] in the message heading. :D I hope that you can get to the bottom of your easyurpmi dilema :wacko: - it will make your life so much easier in the future.
  22. Cheers ianw - that's it. bvc - arctic, you guys were right, the psu was indeedy the problem, it seems. 1) the fan continually moves when it its started. 2) I removed all components as suggested - and she booted up :D Thanks to all for posting your helpful input. Much appreciated. So, to the shops for a new psu with some high voltage - sorry, wattage :D I wonder why this has happened now though, as it has worked well for so long - actually its the (was the) best running pc at home (its my partners PC, and before that it was her mothers - so its been used for some time.) Its been great for the past couple years, and the last time any hardware was added was about 6 or 7 months ago with a replacement CDRW - wear and tear on the psu perhaps?
  23. This is how I always download/install Thunderbird//Firefox. I download from the mozilla site: Create a directory(folder) in my /home - 1 for Thunderbird, 1 for Firefox. When you start the download - point and save to each respective folder. When downloading is finished, you'll have a tar.gz app in each folder. Right click, and select extract here. Few seconds later, you'll have another folder. Open it and look for each respective shell script (one is called thunderbird, the other is called firefox - nothing else.) Click on this and it will launch each application - follow on screen instructions for the correct install/set up. By right clicking on your desktop, you will be given a menu, select: create new/file/link to app' A window with 3 tabs will open: General - type in what you want to call it (i.e. browser/email/thunderbird etc); click on the blue wheel icon allows you to change the app icon - sleect browse and point to the icons folder within each newly downloaded directory. On the application tab, select browse, and point to your respective shell scripts. Click OK and you'll have a link to both apps on your desktop. You can also drag them onto your panel. As arctic says, you can also use menudrake if you want it within your main menu structure.
  24. I tried arctics suggestion, but unfortunately without any further joy - maybe the battery is simply dud. So I have 2 immediate priorities: 1)buy new battery - easy, inexpensive (but not from a sale as bvc commented :D ) 2)should this fail - try out new psu I didn't notice any problems with the capacitors/etc this morning, and I've just double checked and everything looks to be OK.
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