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Need some Help (Ubuntu)

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Ok well I go the problem fixed ... I think.


I was refered to a post by Qchem that was talking about disble ipv6, for some reason on my system after following your steps ac, I didn't deactivate it. So this fixed the problem, and logging on to aim and xchat was as fast as it was before.


But ... this morning as I was leaving to school I went to log on to aim and I saw that slowness come back, so I'm going to have to check it out when I get home. I only followed 1 step of the whole tutorial by artic, and that was replacing the packages, I think now that I must make the rest of the changes.



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I must of been seeing things. The speed is normal now. I have about nothing to do now :) there are some issues that I haven't got to fix yet and maybe someone else can help me again.


For some reason I can't play movies that I download that are windows media player format. I sometimes get video on certain ones, but I don't get any audio on any of them. I downloaded the ' w32codecs ' package, but still it's a no go.


It has nothing to do wih the video card because I can still lisen to music that I download.


So far I have a full working ubuntu system. I'm still trying to figure out what else is going wrong, trying to bug track stuff. Just a warning that Kubuntu is still very very buggy. I can't run the desktop for more than 30 minutes without something crashing. But I'm sure that it's going to be fixed once woody comes out.


On the good side, nothings wrong with gnome :) which is a good thing. LOL



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Ok well I guess it was the movies that I downloaded that were messed up :)


I downloaded some other movies from all kinds of format, .wmv .mgp .avi etc etc , and all worked!


Thanks guys I think that solves my problems!!!!!!!!!!!! For now :lol2:

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