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2 Drives or One Dual Boot? [Solved]


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Can you help me to decide which is the most stable/efficient solution?


I've got a new computer with a 40GB HD on which I'm running Mdk 10.1 OE and love it.


However there are a couple of programmes that I prefer on my old windows box.

I've tried all the Linux alternatives but none matches the two I like that only run under Win.


So every day, I want to use these two programmes to work on my website, whilst still using Linux for almost everything else.


As a Linux novice I see I have a choice:


1) Partition the new computer drive, transfer all my Win98 OS and Win data from the older drive to the new one, and then install Mdk afterwards. (No I don't want to use Win XP) This I think you call Dual Boot.


2) Take the old HD out and put it into the new computer and configure it somehow to use both drives, allowing me to switch at will between drives and OSs.


Which would be best/simplest, and where do I start learning how to do it safely?


I don't mind re-installing Mdk, because I rodgered it whilst trying to sort out my monitor woes (see another thread). Since then several programmes are very buggy.



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If it's only 2 programs (which ones, if I may ask?) you need, maybe Wine or CrossOver Office (see http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxoffi...96c677595370154 ) could help you run them. Wine is free, for Crossover Office you can download a 30-day trial from their website.



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If it's only 2 programs (which ones, if I may ask?) you need, maybe Wine or CrossOver Office (see http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxoffi...96c677595370154 ) could help you run them. Wine is free, for Crossover Office you can download a 30-day trial from their website.





No they are not Office apps.


Paul Lutus' excellent rock-solid OLD Arachnophilia 4 (Not the new Java engine version which is, ...) I've tried over a dozen Linux editors, (including Bluefish etc.) and none has the search and replace feature equivalent to Arch 4. And I need it daily to work without error. Yes, they have 'search and replace', but NOT like Arach 4. It does hundreds of files at a time, and counts every replacement. Never makes a mistake. The rest ... cough.


And no offence to Brian Massey, but gFTP has done several alarming things to files on my site, so I prefer to stick with WSftpLE95. It's like an old sharp hoofknife in my knapsac.


So will Wine be able to allow me to use those two Windows based programmes on Linux?


If so point me to the info...

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Possibly it'll run with them, yes. Best thing you can do is just try it.


I used Arachnophilia in the past. Personally, I use Html-Kit now, which is supposed to work pretty good with Wine ( http://www.chami.com/html-kit/support/docs...es/h000134.html ). Have you ever tried this program?


Oh, and for a Linux native program, I think Quanta Plus is the most advanced Html Editor out there

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OK I'm downloading HTML-Kit to try, but it's really Arach 4 I want to use. I've have great confidence in it after years of use.


Where do I get the 'Wine': is it in the MCC rpm on Mdk 10.1 OE?


'Quanta Plus' is awful: I want to go the other way... simpler, but with a rock-solid batch search and replace.


Think Ox Blood Brogues and you'll get the picture.

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Yes, Wine should be in the RPMs on the CD. I think the best thing you can do, is to download the Arachnophilia installer and run it with Wine.


Wine will then unpack it somewhere in /home/username/.wine/fakewindows/


Then, run the executable with Wine.


Or try Crossover Office, it's an improved version of Wine, kind of "Wine on steroids" with improved support for installers. Crossover is commercial though (not free), but there is a demo.

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I've downloaded Arach and wsftp to my Linux machine, and used Wine from the RPM to install them both.


During the install process, I noticed even though this is a Linux machine, I was asked where to install it and offered C:/Programs which I opted for! (I suppose that is the idea of Wine.)


Wine seemed happy, and the whole install process was just like on Windows.


But now how do I start those programs?


I search for an icon on the toolbars in vein. And when I use Nautilus to look in my /home folder or even /usr/bin I can't find arach or wsftp.


If I type arachnophilia in a console or run command, I get the bash error message.


When I use the 'Find' option it either draws a blank or stalls.


How do I find and run the apps now they are installed?



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Well, I used the rpm, so I assume Wine configured itself when it installed.

It handled the arachnophilia and wsftp installs smoothly, so now I come to this....




150 When invoking Wine, you may specify the entire path to the executable,

151 or a filename only.


153 For example: to run Solitaire:


155 wine sol (using the search Path as specified in

156 wine sol.exe the config file to locate the file)


158 wine c:\\windows\\sol.exe (using DOS filename syntax)


160 wine /usr/windows/sol.exe (using Unix filename syntax)


162 wine sol.exe /parameter1 -parameter2 parameter3

163 (calling program with parameters)


165 Note: the path of the file will also be added to the path when

166 a full name is supplied on the commandline.




I've tried each of those options, substituting the sol with archnophilia and just get errors.


[colin@localhost colin]$ wine arachnophilia

wine: cannot find 'arachnophilia'

[colin@localhost colin]$ wine arachnophila.exe

wine: cannot find 'arachnophila.exe'

[colin@localhost colin]$


Same if I do it as root too.


Anybody help me find the programmes Wine has installed?

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Try this on the command line:

find /home/colin/ -name arach*


This will return the path to all the files called "arach"-whatever. You decide what the name for the executable is and then type:


wine /home/colin/path/to/executable.exe

and the program may or may not start and/or work. I would test it heavily to make sure that it works properly.


I haven't had that much luck using Wine for any but the most popular Windows applications.


Anyway, as for your original question. Booting from separate hard drives can be done, and it might even be easy. I would install Windows on the first partition on the Master hard disk. Windows gets really testy if you do it any other way. You can then install Mandrake on to the second hard disk using the partitioning options during the Mandrake boot-disk install procedure. It should configure LILO with all the right settings for you.


Good luck,


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Thank you Nate.


In fact all I needed to do, was rebbot and run updatedb in a console. Then when I used 'Find' it showed me where the Arachnophilia folders were /home/colin/.wine etc...


Simply clicking on the arach.exe got it to run, and up popped my favourite HTML editor.

Similarly with WSftp.




Under Wine Archnophilia is very unstable, it crashes completely simply trying to open a file. So rather than spend frustrating time getting it to work, I'd prefer to either add my 2nd. hard drive (with Win98 OS on it), or try to install the contents of my old Win HD onto the new computer's HD, then reinstall Mdk. on the single HD.


Reading your outline Nate, you seem to be saying you would make my old Win HD the Master drive, and have my new HD as the second HD, even though it will be the most used HD.


Before I dive in, I'd like the opinions of others, and have a good study of the relevant tutorials, so I at least have a whiff of an idea what I'm doing.


I don't even know how to physically hook up a second HD.


So first things first:


Which is the best plan: 2 HDs or one with dual boot?


Next where's the step-by-step guide please.


I appreciate your help.



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Whilst we wait for a reply to the above, may I ask a supplimentary?


Probably a daft question, but since both hardrives already have working OS installed on them, is it possible to simply hook them both into the computer, fiddle with the jumpers etc and fire it up without reinstalling the Mdk again? Or do I simply have to reinstall the Mdk, after coupling the hardrives to the new system?



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