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Rar archives under Linux


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  Frankly, I would never package anything in any of the less common formats.  Anyone who tries to distribute files in a 7zip, ace or rar archive, needs to rethink.


this is just a matter of preference. some people really like a certain format (compression, design, whatever) and would distribute their files in those format regardless if their 'consumers' have the capability to decompress it or not. if the latter is the case then they usually point to downloadable programs that could compress/decompress in that format.


why on earth do they do that? dont they care about their consumers? maybe? but i think its a devious way of helping your preferred format get exposure. think about it, if you really want the contents of that uncommon archive format what would you do? do you just say "ah its not worth the hassle" or do you install a decompressor for that? most people would do the latter. :twisted:


uncommon is not necessarily bad/evil/non-sensical. if nobody tries these 'alternatives' then we would all be stuck with one format and innovations might be stifled if everybody is already happy. some of these formats were created to scractch an itch that was not addressed by previous formats. or the other way around, it depends on your history skills.


oh, im just going on a monologue based on a topic that veedub presented. my post is not a direct reply to veedub's post. :cheesy:



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like it or not, rar is a very common format nowadays. (ace is pretty much outdated but I still have ace archives). 7ZIP has a higher compression format, so it really matters to have the smallest possible archive it might make sense to use it.

I also used to be that RAR security was much better than zip for encrypted archives (I don;t know if that's still true though)

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Hi Lärs,


why unrar? You could also use rar: with "rar e" you can extract rar archives. I use it for years and it works fine.



As long as you have a contribs source in your urpmi


urpmi unrar


Steve, I wish it could be that simple. However, I don't currently have an internet connection on my Linux box (sad isn't it, as many of Linux's strongpoints are with the net). Thank you for your advice, nevertheless.


tl017, Well, I never thought of that. However, 7zip has been working well to my tastes. Yes indeed, rar has become a popular format with the Windows crowd because of its superiority to the somewhat archaic yet common Zip format. Saying rar files are useless because there aren't so many softwares for it to a Windows user is like a Windows user telling a *nix user that Tar.gz's are useless because they aren't well supported on Windows, heh. :lol:

Good luck everyone, and thank you for advice to my inquiries. This forum is a lifesaver :headbang:

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Sorry. I assumed you had a net connection:

Trouble is, I downloaded a RAR archive. I decided to download the program called "unrar" from sourceforge.


Here's a download location for 2005LE


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