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I do so love MDK sometimes...


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So I was fiddling about on the weekend and decided I really ought to get my own website at last. A lot of the guys on planet.gnome.org host their blogs on WordPress, so I thought I'd use that. Anyways, I read its install guide, installed the apache2, mysql and php packages I'd need, read a couple chapters of the mysql documentation on how to create databases and users and lock down passwords, ran through the wordpress install guide, fired up http://localhost ...and there it was. Punched port 80 through my firewall, did some Googling on domain registration and cloaking, and you've got...




actually hosted on my little Shuttle desktop. My previous knowledge of apache, mysql and content management systems: zero. gotta thank Oden for his amazing packaging skills. :)

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qchem: oh, that's the standard wordpress template, my HTML skills are extremely basic and my CSS skills are zero so I haven't even tried to customise the layout yet. I might switch to a different template sometime soon though :). wordpress is very, very, very smooth right out of the tarball, you edit two or three values in one config file (to tell it about your mysql setup - I created a new mysql database and user just for wordpress, I figure that's the safe way to do things, that's why I had to read some mysql documentation) and it works, bam, just like that.


dragonmage: yep, you literally just untar the wordpress file and copy the whole lot into /var/www/html . That's it.

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