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Modem drivers for USR 56k Modem


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Providing detail for device at PCI_bus 00:10.0

  with vendor-ID:device-ID


Class 0780: 12b9:1006  Communication controller: 5610 56K FaxModem WinModem

  SubSystem 12b9:0080  5610 56K FaxModem USR 56k Internal WinModem (Models 2975, 3528)

12b9 is US Robotics. acquired by 3COM

      ;1006    3cp803598  Voice          WinModem  no Linux support

I am thinking from this that you need a different modem (try an external serial modem as they almost always work.



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some do, and most require effort to get running


better to get an external serial because the driver is in the kernel and it's a no hassle deal


just point the dial app to /dev/ttyS0 (com1) or /dev/ttyS1 (com2 if you have it)

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