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Play Laxius Power on Linux with Wine!


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Well, I am a fan of the Laxius Power series, which is an old-fashioned RPG fangame (kind of like the old Final Fantasy Games) made with RPGMaker. For LPIII, the third game, you need a Windows installtion for this to work, though.


Some highlights:

- huge maps

- interesting characters

- humorous dialogue (at times it is somewhat sexually explicit, although never over the top IMO).

- Epic game; i.e. epic proportions, epic battles (with some really challenging fights!), epic mazes (some are really brain-busting...)

- Free download! See www.laxiuspower.com


And I just discovered they work with Wine (with some minor 'tricks')!


The Wine version I use is: Wine 20040213 .

Anyway, I think if you have a not-too-old copy of Wine it'll be fine.


Before you start following these instructions, 2 small warnings:

- It may look a little weird because the game uses a 600*400 (or similar) resolution. Which is why the instructions for hiding the window border and panel are included (since the game needs the whole screen estate).


Edit: I just found out that, if you press F4, you can play in Windowed mode. This will be a bit slower though.




This way, if you don't know how to get your screen back to normal, you Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to leave the desktop and go back to the login screen.


- The fonts look funny and are awkward to read and sometimes really difficult to read.

Edit: apparently this can be solved by copying some fonts to fonts folder; will try this out and report back

Also: no sound


- But: the game works, the dialogue works, the menus work and the savegames and load savegame functions work... other than the fonts and the resolution issues, it seems like they are fully functional.



So how do you do get them to run?


Well, first dowload the installers at

http://www.laxiuspower.com/modules.php?name=Downloads and save them somewhere, does not matter which folder since they will end up in another folder anyway.


Laxius Power I

1. run the installer with wine:

wine lpu_full.exe

2. Accept the defaults wine offers; if a dialog box complains, just choose 'yes to all'... if it does not respond after a while (no more than a few minutes), just stop the process (ctrl + c), the installation will still be OK.

3. open a terminal (e.g. xterm) and navigate to the place you installed it. In my case, Wine installed the file somewhere in the folder /home/username/.wine/fake_windows/


cd "/home/username/.wine/fake_windows/Games/Laxius Power ~ Random Story/"

5. Right-click on an empty spot in the kicker taskbar, go to the "Hide" tab (usually 2nd one from the left); select 'allow other windows to cover this panel

6. start the game with:

wine RPG_RT.exe

(!! depending on the game (1, 2 or 3), the upper/lowercase of the filename may be different !!)

7. Right-Click on the Window Border, select the first item in the menu, select the second item from the last (this is telling the Window Manager to hide the window border).

8. Maybe resize and move the window a little bit to get it all on the screen


You are off to go! B)


Laxius Power II


Same as for Laxius Power I, only the filename of the installer is different and the upper/lowercase of the executable.


Laxius Power III

For LPIII: Install the game somewhere on your HD in Windows, navigate to this folder in a terminal and start the game with wine, just like you did with the other 2 games.




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I downloaded all 3. Using cedega to install, I put the first one on my comp. And it worked well. Played it for about 5 minutes then decided to install the other 2. Now, all move very slowly, and freeze after about 30 secs of play. Oh yeah, and the fonts are completely unreadable on my computer.


I am quite interested in playing these, as I am an oldschool FF fan. If you have any hints as to how to get these things running right, please let me know.

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I posted a question about the fonts on Frank's (Wine) Corner, but did not receive a reply yet. I might try the Wine mailing list soon. The fonts are all in a subfolder within the Game's folder (well, at least for 2 of the 3 games), so if Wine could get to find/load these, I reckon everything should be fine.

My post is here: http://wine.proboards41.com/index.cgi?boar...&num=1106594488


As for the Freeze issue, all I can say is that with regular Wine, I had no problems with freezing at all. What I did experience is that, in Windowed mode, it is a lot slower then full-screen mode. Even full-screen mode has a little lag (especially when bringing up the menus), but it's bearable.


Hint: support older games has been voted 1 of Cedega's priorities for at least 3 or 4 times in the last few months. ;) If you own Cedega, maybe you could ask on their forums what this delay is about.



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I installed standard wine, just because I wanted to give this games a shot. The game runs well, but now I have no sound. Any clue?


I also noticed that the fonts are more readable in wine than cedega, and the game actually looks a little better in cedega (kinda smoothed a little bit). Both of these are essentially the same right? I wonder why that would be?

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I dunno. Like I said, better ask Cedega. Or Wine mailing list.


Maybe I'll write the Wine mailing list myself in the weekend if I've got time.


I am guessing it is because of some Cedega optimizations that sound works and game looks better. Cedega is a Wine version especially tailored to running games, with a lot of focus on that.


Sound, while fun, is not essential to play the game though.

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Just for those who are still afraid about the command line, I will post a few scripts for the games. The script is for AFTER you installed the game. All it really does is launch wine and tell wine the location of the executable file.


The one in this post is for Laxius Power I.


Save it somewhere on your PC.

If your browser displays the contents of the file instead of offering to download, then instead of download it, tell your web browser to "save (page) as".


Then open Konqueror, right-click, choose 'rename file'. Rename it 'lpower.sh'. Right-click on the file once more, choose 'properties', then choose 'permissions' and check the checkbox 'is executable'.


Then you can just Click on the file whenever you want to play it! You can also drag it to your desktop or taskbar if you want to make a shortcut. If your taskbar is in the way, hide it or roll it up.


Oh yeah, if you get stuck with your screen, F4 minimizes the window and should normally restore your standard resolution.





P.S. anyone actually playing/played this on Linux?

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How to use your savefiles for use in the next game.


It might be a good idea to first make a backup of your savegames before trying this.


1. LPI to LPII: save in the Sage's room (at the butterfly), then copy that save slot to the corresponding directory for LPII. The savefiles are called save01.lsd up to save15.lsd . Be sure to copy the right slot (the save in the Sage's room)



Download this patch:


to the directory where Wine put LPII. Open a terminal, navigate to the LPII directory and type:

wine Patch_lp2_lp3.exe'

Answer 'yes' to all overwrite questions.


Follow these instructions:



Finally, copy the appropriate slot to the folder where LPIII is at (this will probably be a mounted windows partition, since I couldn't find a way to install LPIII purely with Wine yet).




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I think you can only import chars from an earlier version. But leveling up in LP1 goes quick enough!


Did you play it in Linux though?


i havent because who has time to play these day? :wall:


but i swear im going to try this. i havent even done your tip about the colossus. im thinking of starting from LPI again if i can use character stats when i finish it. :)



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