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Old Laptop

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Hi all.

I have an old latop 133mhz Pentium that I would like to use as a linux firewall.

What would be the best version of Linux to use obviously due to the low specs?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks Heaps

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This has been discussed a hundred times, please search the board.


A laptop of that age isnt likely to run any GUI apps, so you'd be looking at a distro like debian, arch, slack, whatever, dont run X.


Mandrake, red hat, their installers wont start.


Take a look at peanut linux though, it might work, gui too....


all depends on how much ram you have tho



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If you are planning to use it as a firewall then the specialist distro's are worth a look.


Ive used SME server which does a bit more than just firewall or you can start with a minimalist distro...

Debian, slackware, Gentoo.


like Iphitus says your going to struggle to run a GUI on a modern distro but for a firewall its superfluous anyway. In the end your choice is limited to the package management ... Do you want apt or portage etc. which do you feel comfortable with. Its important if you want to keep up with secrity updates etc. but do you want to be compiling on a P133 ???

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