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GDM change standard greeter theme.

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Hello there!


I've been wrestling with a little annoying problem. I've choosed the 'standard greeter' in GDM instead of the grafical greeter.

How do I change the standard greeter theme? (No not the GDM) I'm using D3a themes on my desktop and want my standard greeter to match it.




.:=The AI Dude=:.

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Try choose standard greeter and reboot. At the standard login screen there's a tab with options, one of them is called theme. In ubuntu you can choose the human theme.

What I want to know is how to add more themes there so I can change the look of the standard greeter.




.:=The AI Dude=:.

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You can select different GDM themes at the GDM screen before logging in, or while in Mandrake by running the GDM configurator (located on the System/Configuration/Boot and Init section of the menu).


New themes can be downloaded from http://art.gnome.org/. I have downloaded themes from other sites, however art.gnome.org seems to have the best quality control, even if they don't have the biggest selection.

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No, as I stated it's not a GDM theme, GDM is if you choose Graphical greeter. I'm talking about 'Standard Greeter'.


In the standard greeter there's a window where you can choose login name. It's that window I wanna change. In that window there's a tab with diffrent options. One of the options are called 'Theme' which have the option theme 1. Human (an ubuntu theme)

My thoughts one that is this window must be using GTK and/or Metacity theme, but how to change it???

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look in /etc/gdm/conf

# The GTK+ theme to use for the gui


# If to allow changing the GTK+ (widget) theme from the greeter.  Currently

# this only affects the standard greeter as the graphical greeter does

# not yet have this ability


# Comma separated list of themes to allow.  These must be the names of the

# themes installed in the standard locations for gtk themes.  You can

# also specify 'all' to allow all installed themes.  These should be just

# the basenames of the themes such as 'Thinice' or 'LowContrast'.


I would imagine you'd just add to that but I've never done it or used the Standard Greeter....I use an .xinitrc from init 3

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:woot: Thanks bvc :beer:


What I did:


cd /home/orion/.themes
sudo cp -r  d3a /usr/share/themes
sudo gedit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf


Now I changed under [gui]





I found out that instead of d3a /the theme name I could change it to 'all' so I can choose which theme to use, but the themes shall be be in the /usr/share/themes

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