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/var/log...allocate more space?


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Hi all,


I've realized that every week or so, my apache server cannot start httpd because the /var/log folder fills up, and gives the error:


Warning, free space in </> is <0> (which is inferior to <2000>


If I delete the appropriate logs from this directory, httpd will start agan.


It stands to reason that if I can allocate more space to /var/log, the folder wouldn't fill up and my website wouldn't go down every week or so.


Anybody know how this can be done? Thanks!

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It is part of the / partition, but the weird thing is that partition has 6GB of space. Only about 800MB are being used...so there's always over 5GB of space available. Even with that much available, the /var/log folder will stop httpd from running if it gets more than 20 logs (on average).


Is there somewhere that specifies the maximum space allowed for the /var/log folder? Like in windows, how it only allows a certain amount of space for the trash bin etc...

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