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what is third temperature of lm_sensors?


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the third temperature sensor for lm_sensors ( post #1)


running Mdk 10.1

kernel 2.6.1-10 mdk


lm_sensors installed and runs ok except it gives me 3 temp readings


Mobo temp

CPU temp

unknown temp


2) could not find it in my mobo manual


3) installed my win98 and ran the MS version of lm_sensors which was a gigabyte program called Easy Tune it reports the same temps but no explain to this unknown temp


Anyone know what it is?


ps the hottest vent is my power supply but I can put my hand on the exhaust area so I don't think its 127 degrees Celsius which is the third reading........plus this temp is not varying under either Linux or MS.


any clues would be appreciated.

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If anything in your computer were that hot, it wouldn't be working, so it's probably a bogus reading, first of all. Usually when you get three readings the third is the power supply, though not always (on Shuttles, for instance, it actually measures a power regulator on the motherboard). You might want to go into the BIOS on startup and look for a 'hardware monitor' section, see what temps you see there.

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i have 3 temp readings for lmsensors........... mobo, chassis, & cpu. so, the unknown one could be chassis. but, 127 C is way too hot for any of the above, so it could either be a bogus entry, or it could be that the divider being used to calculate the temp is wrong. have a look at your /etc/sensors.conf file. look for the entry for the particular sensor(s) you're using & see if there's any info there about tweaking the divider being used. i had to do that for my fan speed. the divider was set too low & giving me an incorrect fan speed.



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I have installed w98 and run the gigabyte utility Easytune and it is no wiser so I emailed gigabyte and got a reply that I should not trust a non-Easytune (linux) utility but could not tell me what the answer was?????


To those who have replied


Thankyou.......of interest to me is the it87 section of sensors.conf that is summary suggests

ignore temp3


The reason for my post, is that if easytune and lm-sensors is getting a third reading even if the muliplier/divider is wrong it is still a reading.


end of rant

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did you try the BIOS thing I suggested, yet? That's the only cast-iron way to be sure. lm-sensors can't tell you for definite because all it can actually *tell* is the model of the sensor being used and the value it's reading. Different motherboards use the same sensors to give different readings, so it's more or less impossible for lm-sensors to give sane values without building a big motherboard database, which they don't want to bother with.

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Since it is 127 degrees celcius (which is about half of 256) I think it is a bogus temperature reading. I think lm_sensors arbitrarily put an "FF" value into that third sensor since it cannot detect anything connected into that sensor. FF in hex is +127 in signed decimal value, I think.

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sorry for not being explicit....yes been in mobo and it has a system health check which is ok

however the only mobo bios temp output is for the CPU.


2) I can put my hand on the vent for power supply so I am now happy with DragonMage suggesting its a bogus reading.


3) the other thing is I mentioned the 127 degrees is not varying and that should start off cold or ambient and work up to 127 so me thinks you are all right and its a bogus and so I can amend my sensors.conf to ignore.


thankyou all for soothing my paranonia.

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