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ghost for linux (gfl)


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hey there,


since ive only had success cloning my etx3 partition with ghost 8 over the network(windows version) i wanted to try the linux version. i set up my windows box ftp server but i have no clue as to what to set up as a user name to allow a connection in bulletproof ftp server. i tried to create "gfl" as a user since you log in with that on the linux machine when you boot up from the cd.


on the windows end i see a connection made but it quickly kicks me out saying login failed. documentation is scarce for this app unless someone has a clue. thanks.




[EDIT: Moved to software from networking by Qchem]

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actually, mondorescue is kinda old no? when i tried booting from the mondo cd it bascailly tries to download 9.1 or 9.2 packages(im using drake 10) which wont work. maybe there is a version i could compile or something on their site.


i never really liked partimage to be honest.


hey phazeman, its mondorescue.ORG!!!!! :cheeky::cheesy:


edit: i actually just installed mondorescue from their site. i installed the one it says is for mandrake 9. i installed the needed packages via urpmi and even installed libslang-devel (drake package) and FC3's slang package and now i can run mondorestore from the command line. ill see how it goes. :)

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