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It's called GIMP 2.0...

Guest Herrus

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:help: I know I need theese things to get it work:

Stable version 2.0.x

Package  Version  Description

pkg-config  0.15.0  A system for managing library compile/link flags

GTK+          2.2.2    The GIMP toolkit

GLib            2.2.0        Glib Convenience Library

Pango          1.2.0      Text layout engine

ATK            1.2.0    Accessibility Toolkit

FreeType2      2.0.9          Font rendering

Fontconfig  2.2.0      Font Configuration

libart2    2            Vector rendering

But what about them.

Do they have other dependencies?

I heard something about GLib, and I'll start looking for, but if you know, pls tell me.

I really want to install this thing. :P

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Yep, use urpmi. Or the graphical installer:


Or menu, configuration, system, packaging, install software, type 'gimp' in the search box, pick the gimp 2.0 package, and hit 'install'. Bingo! Any of those dependencies that aren't installed yet will be installed for you. Wasn't that easy? :)


BTW, if you just do 'urpmi gimp', I think you might end up with version 1.2. Using urpmi you might need to use gimp2 or gimp2_0 or something along those lines.

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Ah, you are using Mandrake 10. There are some rpms for gimp 2.x for Mandrake 10 (I should know, I have it installed in my laptop).


You can find the rpms here



Just add the repository to your urpmi database and then you can urpmi it :)

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You should find gimp2 on CD2 (of download edition) ( ftp://mirrors.secsup.org/pub/linux/mandra.../Mandrake/RPMS2 )




Like adamw said... you need to use "gimp2" or "gimp2_0" to install this version.


So you need to be sure you have all 3 install CD's configured in your software manager. Or visit http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ for help on configuring other sources.


Once your sources are configured correctly... urpmi will take care of your dependencies.

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RPMS2 in that address doesn't actually mean it's on CD2, it means it's in contrib (RPMS2 is a symlink to contrib, in online mirrors, RPMS3 is a symlink to jpackage). That would make sense, because it means in all likelihood the gimp2 package wasn't on the CDs for 10.0. In that case, as you say, the reporter should go to easyurpmi and set up a contrib source for 10.0, then he'll be able to urpmi the package.


BTW, there was a GIMP "2.0" in MDK 9.2 as well, though back then it was actually GIMP 1.3 (the development branch that turned into 2.0). If you have 9.2 and want a newer GIMP, setup a contrib source and install the gimp1.3 package. Hope that's useful to someone out there :)

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That Gimp 2.0 in Mandrake 9.2 was on the Contrib. And I needed Gimp 1.3 to install it.

Let's say a don't have those CD's any more.

I'll try with the .rmp's fount at mandrakelinux.org

10x for advices.


If not, il find a way... even if that means buggging you with stupid question. :wall:

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Let's say a don't have those CD's any more.

Then you do as DragonMage mentioned above:

Just add the repository to your urpmi database and then you can urpmi it smile.gif

Open up a terminal, and as root, do this:

for Mandrake 10:

urpmi.addmedia gimp2 ftp://mirrors.secsup.org/pub/linux/mandrakelinux/official/10.0/i586/Mandrake/RPMS2/

or for Mandrake 10.1:

urpmi.addmedia gimp2 ftp://mirrors.secsup.org/pub/linux/mandrake/Mandrakelinux/official/10.1/i586/media/main/

After that is done... just type urpmi gimp2 in a terminal and it all should install for you.

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