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Java help needed [SOLVED]

Guest Skuttfarkuss

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Guest Skuttfarkuss

I am a Linux newbie and loving it so far. They can keep Windows but I am having some minor problems getting things running as they should and java is one of them. When I click on a link in my browser (Konqueror) that opens a java window I get the message that the jave executable file could not be found. I have downloaded and installed java succesfully. I know I need to tell the browser where to find the file and I know how to do that if I just knew where to find the file myself. I know where the main jave directory is but how do I identify the excutable file?

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Konq needs a symlink for java to work:

[scoopy@localhost scoopy]$ su
[root@localhost scoopy]# cd /usr/bin
[root@localhost bin]# ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_01//bin/java java
[root@localhost bin]#



[root@localhost scoopy]# cd /usr/lib/netscape/plugins
[root@localhost plugins]# ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_01/plugin/i386/ns4/libjavaplugin.so  libjavaplugin.so


now goto:

K --> Configuration --> Configure your Desktop

under WebBrowsing, be sure Endable Java globally is checked and,

under Plugins click on Scan for New Plugins.


Restart your browser and you should be good to go.


Here's a test page:


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another way to get Java working in Konqueror............


open Kontrol Center (IE: configure your desktop)->web browsing->java & javascript, & in the box where it says "path to java executable, or java" point it to /usr/java/jre<version #>/bin/java, then click apply.


for help with Java in Mozilla, see my post #39 in This Thread. it's for an earlier version of Java, but the intructions are still valid. just replace the version # i used there with the current one.


and, for Java in Opera (should you need it), go to tools->preferences->multimedia & in the "Java path" box make it point to /usr/java/jre<version #>/lib/i386/, "apply"->"ok".



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Im relatively new to linux myself, and I the way I find best to find a file is to use 'locate'. You just run 'updatedb' as root to update the database - then whenever you want to find something, just do this..

[unholy@localhost unholy]$ locate javac


Just remember that any new files on your machine wont be in the database until you run 'updatedb'!

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