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  1. Thanks aRTee - I had actually checked your site when I read a previous post of yours about lirc, but the proceedure fails for me when I try to start the daemon. [root@localhost lirc]# service lircd start Starting Linux Infrared Remote Control daemon: [FAILED] [root@localhost lirc]# service lircmd start [root@localhost lirc]# Remote Control mouse daemon: [FAILED] adamw - I'm jealous!
  2. Hey, thanks adamw. You've doubtlessly saved me a lot of time and head banging. Regards, unholy
  3. That's great to know. I'll get a bluetooth chip once I have a bluetooth device to connect to! At the moment I want to use the laptop as a jukebox / dvd player, so InfraRed would be great. I'll enjoy what I have for a while though. Why spoil it right? A bluetooth remote would be great!
  4. Thanks guys, after following the tips from cenobites link, I have quite a few of them working. The remainders have the blocks which I can assume from devries, are incomplete. Thanks again folks...once I get IR working, I wont touch / upgrade this box again because it will be perfect ! ! ! ! <insane laughter...>
  5. After following the instructions in this thread, I still cannot get wmv's to play. Are there any other ways to get it working? I have installed win32-codecs from plf, and they are present in /usr/lib/win32 the picture is a mess of colors, with no sound. this is the same for xine, kaffeine and mplayer. Regards, unholy
  6. iphitus, thanks - that's sort of what I'm aming for, and it has a really neat interface. I would like that view to be a 'choice', and possibly plugin based so you can download other views (traditional, console-esque, etc...). But the spine view is important. (Although feasability is something that has to be looked into). If you dont have a spine image for an album, you get an auto-generated one (based on the folder (album) and parent foler (artist) names, as you can see on the right of the cdrack on my webpage. adamw, thats exactly what I mean. I want a carousel of spines basically. Urza, what exactly is MMO? I've found some varying definitions of the acronym. Verrry varying :) But I'll take you up on your offer! The project needs a better website, and ftp access etc. I've only ever done this with people I can see so this is new to me too. The project is as much about learning about management systems (such as CVS, or even ftp if you will). Thanks theYinYeti, I appreciate that! I will probably set up a chat room or something until I get a website with ftp access.
  7. Welll, this is a program I've been working on since the summer, and it works on Mandrake 10.1 (and 10.0 with a tiny modification). If any linux/C++ programmers are interested in developing this, let me know. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. Problem solved. I had no config file. I just made a .libao in my home folder and put the line default_driver=arts For reference, I discovered this by reading "man ogg123", and consequently "man libao.conf" Marked the thread Solved - Artificial Intelligence
  9. Im relatively new to linux myself, and I the way I find best to find a file is to use 'locate'. You just run 'updatedb' as root to update the database - then whenever you want to find something, just do this.. [unholy@localhost unholy]$ locate javac /home/unholy/programming/documents/TIPatterns/code/javac.mac /home/unholy/j2sdk1.4.2_02/bin/javac /home/unholy/j2sdk1.4.2_02/man/man1/javac.1 /home/unholy/j2sdk1.4.2_02/man/ja_JP.eucJP/man1/javac.1 /usr/share/doc/gettext-devel-0.14.1/examples/config/javacomp.m4 /usr/share/doc/gettext-devel-0.14.1/examples/config/javacomp.sh.in /usr/share/vim/compiler/javac.vim /usr/share/vim/syntax/javacc.vim Just remember that any new files on your machine wont be in the database until you run 'updatedb'!
  10. Thanks devries, My syntax was wrong. I nee d to update my manpage skills. using 'ogg123 -d arts song.ogg' or 'ogg123 -d esd song.ogg' works. Its only when the -d switch is not used that it segfaults. //This works [unholy@localhost Cryptic Writings]$ ogg123 -d arts 01_track_01.ogg Audio Device: aRts output Playing: 01_track_01.ogg Ogg Vorbis stream: 2 channel, 44100 Hz Title: Track 01 Artist: NoArtist Genre: Rock Date: 0 Album: Unknown Disc Track number: 01 As you can see from my original post, the audio device is the same regardless (-d esd give the same result exactly). Perhaps this is a bug. Thanks again!
  11. Well, I've pretty much said it in the title, heres a sample output. By the way, amarok works fine, as does totem, ogle etc. (ie, my sound is ok). [unholy@localhost Dedication]$ ogg123 01_track_01.ogg Audio Device: aRts output Playing: 01_track_01.ogg Ogg Vorbis stream: 2 channel, 44100 Hz Title: Track 01 Artist: NoArtist Genre: Alternative Date: 0 Album: Unknown Disc Track number: 01 Segmentation fault [unholy@localhost Dedication]$ I've tried changing the device with [unholy@localhost Dedication]$ ogg123 -d=alsa* === No such device =alsa*. It even does this for aRts, which is odd since thats the default setting.
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