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cdrw/dvd combo - does not boot up from DVDs


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I have a Samsung cdrw/dvd combo . It reads and writes most CDs. Boots up too.


Using K3B I can also see the file structure of data DVDs such as those provided by Linux Format magazine, containing linux software.


I can't however, load and view a music video - I understand that I probably need to install some additional software. I'm happy to look at this in the near future.


However, I'm unable to boot from a bootable DVD. I've looked at the BIOS and first boot is an ATAPI CDROm drive - makes no mention of it being a combo.


Any pointers as to what/where I need to look in order to boot from DVDs. From what I recall, fstab does not mention the dvd - i'm not at my PC right now.


When I look in MCC it says it mounts: /mnt/cdrom

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i'm not an expert on this, but MDK (or Linux, in general) has nothing to do with the drives your computer can or cannot boot from. that would a bios setting. if you looked in your bios already & saw no option to boot from a DVD drive, then chances are you can't do it. you might want to check your bios or computer manufacturer's web site to see if there's a solution or maybe a flash bios update.



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Cheers Chris.


I did think it odd that my BIOS made no mention of the DVD and only referred to it as as CD.


I looked at Samsung's web site a couple weeks back and didn't really pick anything out. I'll certainly get back to it though for another in depth look.


I've done a flash upgrade once before on another box - it initially refused to boot mdk at all - now its the best performer outta the home network. So I can run with this option too.


Thanks again.

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