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Bootup issues


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ok Ive managed to get further in my quest to have mdk10.1 OE running. After a bit of giggling with the hardware Ive managed to install mdk but get to the part where it checks for new hardware and just after that it tries to open the eth/ppp0 ports.


When it gets to the ppp0 it freezes. Since I dont need ppp0 how can i stop this and let mdk carry on booting? I can boot to the commandline via failsafe, so if theres any config files i need to edit, i can use that. Could someone sort me out please. Thanks

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at boot procedure, you can always enter the "interactive booting" by pressing "i". then you will be able to start, skip or deny some booting procedures, like starting eth0 and other network stuff.

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you can also check Mandrake Control Center->system-services & see if something is there to start/search for ppp0 to start on boot. if so, turn it off. or, turn off new hardware detection by disabling "harddrake" in there, reboot & see if it still does it.


harddrake is not neccessary. it probes the computer during boot to detect any new hardware or hardware configuration changes. if you haven't swapped any hardware or made any changes to your hardware, it's not needed to be running.



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from the commandline.


chkconfig --list

service -s

will show the services.



chkconfig harddrake off

will turn it off at boot


service harddrake stop

will stop it from running


I don't know if commandline drakconf has services.

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