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Is there any program that can save an entire website easily? Like, go to all the links and save them too? See, the greatest webhost ever, www.aloofhosting.com, will be closing on dec. 15th...so I have to move my website (probably to DomainDLX unless SweetServer starts working again...)...anyways, is there any easy way to do this other than going to every page and saving as complete? I have an old version of it saved to my comp, along with all the images, so it won't be too much of a pain...but...there's gotta be an easier way. There are no outside links from my site really except one or two...which I could easily remove...any ideas?

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I second johnnyv's thought here.

wget is your friend.


If you had infinite bandwitdth during some short time period, and infinite diskspace, wget would get you the internet at home.


"Sir, does that computer come with the internet preloaded?" could finally be answered with a resounding 'yes, it does'.


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It seems you should have FTP access... according to the admin post on their forums. They say to use this address (w/ IE or w/ a file manager such as konquorr):




or with a FTP client... just use:


and put in username and pass when asked.


It also seems a lot of members do have problems connecting, but they say to keep trying.

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