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Native Games Won't Work

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I use Mandrake10/KDE. Under the game menu, I have various programs- the one's I'm interested in are Chromium, Frozen Bubble and TuxRacer. I can use Frozen Bubble, but I can't run Chromium and TuxRacer. When I try to run Chromium, it appears on the panel, then disappears after a while. The same goes for Tuxracer. How can I fix this so I can play Chromium and Tuxracer?

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You are probably lacking the drivers for your Video card. What do you use (nvidia or ati) ? If you use NVIDIA go to the FAQ section. There is an excellent guide there, step by step on how to install the NVIDIA driver.


I had the same problem. After I installed it all my games worked fine but I had no boottheme (it is supposed to be a bug in the drivers).


So you have to choose between the boottheme and the Linux games.

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