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10 Reasons to not use Cedega

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I agree with Gowator to a certain extent, but I also think that most native Linux ports are done more out of curiosity than wanting to actually support the OS.


Id do Linux ports because they are geeks who use Linux themselves. Bioware thought, "Hey, Neverwinter Nights is going to be the biggest thing ever, lets release it for everyone!" - so they did a (horrible) Linux port that barely runs, doesn't have half the features and isn't supported very well. Wow, thanks guys. It took one of the many diligent souls on icculus.org to even come up with a proper installer!


Unreal Tournament is an example of a good port. They did it once and the support was so good that they carried on. UT2004 is probably the best port I have ever played (besides for ids ports, they are god when it comes to porting).


Now the problem is, how do the companies know who is playing a port? Very few Loonixers buy from Tuxgames, the rest buy the Windows boxed version and download an installer - or UT2004, whith support for both operating systems on disc. They have no way of knowing who is playing their game in Linux. At least with Mac users, they know how many mac boxes they've sold.


So back to my original point. If the developers do not know how many linux users are buying games, how can Cedega change anything? The only real question is: how many people are using Linux. Period. And there is a figure they can work on.


Once again: dual booting is bigger enemy, it effects the total number of Linux users.

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