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Having lots of trouble with lilo


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Ok you all have probably seen my post about installing windows after linux. I went through all the steps, etc. It didn't work like it was supposed to. Inserting the mandrake install 1 cd and booting from it. When you hit f1 and then type rescue no menu is given to delete the boot loader or install it.


I need to get the boot loader off or do whatever it is I have to do so that I can install Windows 98 again and boot to it. I don't know exactly what I need to do. I don't need to bother uinstalling Mandrake 8.1 do I? The installation of Windows 98 will format the whole drive including those mounts correct? Either way if I can get it to boot to Windows which I guess I just get rid of lilo in then its set I will be happy. Or do I have to do something else so that it will boot to Windows 98?

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I don't know how it works with Win98,but with WinXP I booted with the WinXP

disk,and when asked choose "r" for the recovery console typed "1" to chose drive c:, pressed "enter" because I don't use a password


then typed "fixboot" then "y" when asked to confirm


then typed "fixmbr" and again "y"to confirm then typed "exit" and rebooted


Thats what worked to restore the WinXP bootloader

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That question has been asked before. Just search the board.


Good luck


searching the board is a pain in the arse.. It's not as efficient as one would assume.


To fix it I used a win98 boot disk to do fdisk /mbr


Mandrake didn't offer in option in the Rescue to do it. and that doesn't work on 98 to the other user.

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It's called restore windows boot partition or something like that. It does not say "remove lilo here"!


As long as windows did not try to wipe out the partition table, you'll be fine. The problem is window's tools frequently destroy any other type of partition on the drive. The rescue disk does contain the tools to do this; I do it all of the time. :juggle:

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