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Wine, Crossover and Playonlinux


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Anyone using any of these? I just completed a trial of Crossover linux, for no other reason than I was getting Christmas decorations out and found some of FPS games. 2 of which I also have linux installers, but wanted to see how they did.


Doom 3, postal 2 and Red faction all installed and played as well as I remembered. Could not get Madden 07 (American football) to install. Also was pleasant surprised that steel panthers:world at war played full screen with crossover. I was never able to do that with play on linux. I also found simcity so I may dust it off too.


Anybody playing more modern games with it? I play Xcom2 and Civ4 with steam (native) but are there games not with steam / non native you play?

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Sorry, no grendal, no experienced user in that scope.

Know and used Crossover years ago, but even don't remember for what reason.


And i am a neither a gamer, though i like to try, getting planes into the skies with X-Plane on the Steam-platform.

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Yeah, I'm not much of a gamer anymore myself. Nostalgia made me try the games I did. Forgot how dark Doom3 is. Creepy on a winters night with headphonessential on.


I can report no success with Simcity4. Apparently EACH games don't play well. Lol.


Heard on linux unplugged podcast that the latest crossover, 16, runso Ms office 2013 well. So if you need it....

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Haven't used wine for ages. Tried Medal of Honor - Allied Assault, but couldn't get it to work. Wouldn't install. Main reason, because on my son's laptop with Windows 10, it's unable to install, because they removed something from Windows that dealt with the copyright on the disks. So now, cannot be used, unless Windows XP or perhaps Windows 7. Pity as forgotten that I'd bought the game, and now can't play it at all.


Usually searched the winedb to see if it was supported and found that a lot of the apps I wanted to use just didn't work. Have used playonlinux and winetricks, which were quite good. Didn't bother much with Crossover.

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