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to get easyurpmi code

Guest romkaromka

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You don't listen. We were just a mirror, we don't have the code. And even if we did have it, we too would have to ask for permission from the easyurpmi team. You will have to contact the easyurpmi team directly if you want it.


Sorry, but we can't do anything.

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The main reason that the easyurpmi site was created was to provide an easy way for users of Mandrake/Mandriva to add the PLF repositories, which provided software that is potentially patent encumbered. Mandriva, as a commercial entity, could not risk being sued by those claiming to own the alleged patents and so provided neither the software nor an "official" way to add the PLF repositories.


The corporate backed MandrivaLinux is now defunct (the final release, 2011, went EOL at the end of February) and so there is now no need for PLF. Such software is provided by the successor distro's directly. OpenMandriva uses the Rosa replacement for PLF, which it calls "restricted". Mageia has its own "tainted" repositories.


These repositories can be added using the tools available within the distro's and so there is no need for easyurpmi and the code is no longer being maintained.


PLF repositories for older versions of MandrivaLinux are still available on some mirrors, such as


but packages are no longer being updated.


To obtain the code for easyurpmi you could try asking in the easyurpmi-devel ML:


Although I don't know if anyone still follows that list.



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Ask the people at http://urpmi.mageia.tk/?language=en for a copy of their code. Note that they are not using the easyurpmi code, but they have devised their own version "based on easyurpmi".


If you want the original easyurpmi code, all that I can suggest is what I already suggested - send a message to easyurpmi-devel.



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