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Firefox rpm source, and issues upgrading from 3.6


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Right click on desktop, then 'create new - link to application'. Went to the third tab, called it firefox 9.0, used to the browse to go to and select usr/local/firefox/firefox. Tried the icon on the first tab, but nothing happened, so I just created the link. A sheet icon with a ? in the middle appeared on the desktop with firefox 9.0 below it, and it works fine (launches firefox no problems). It sounds like everything worked as advertised except the icon select.....


I will say that when I did my system upgrade from the upgrade manager a few days ago, there was a LARGE KDE upgrade included. I am thinking that maybe that has a bug in it??


Thanks -- Roger

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It seems that I can change other icons - I tried the Home icon, and when I went to properties I clicked on the home icon on the first tab, and the system went off looking for potential icons (now, at least, I know what that looks like....).


Not sure what you mean by rename .kde4 ??

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.kde4 is a hidden directory directly under your /home/rogerh (replace rogerh with your username) directory. If you rename that directory, KDE4 will create you a new .kde4 folder with default settings.


This helps if your KDE4 is not working correctly.


Remember it's hidden, so if you use Dolphin remember to turn on the option to show hidden files (View - Show hidden files). If you use command line (terminal), then you should be able to see it right away.


You can rename it .kde4.old (or something like that) so you can return to those settings, if you don't like the new (default) settings just by deleting the new .kde4 and renaming the .kde4.old back to .kde4.

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