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Using mail program to check Hotmail?

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I've run through the setups for KMail and some of the other mail programs that come with Mandrake 9.1, and they don't offer the ability to connect to webmail based mail services like Hotmail (my Outlook Express does of course). Do any do this?




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I used hotpopper for mozilla thunderbird when I was using windoze, I havent been using tbird under mandrake so I couldnt tell you if it is compatible.

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I've used hotpopper but now I use MrPostman.

They are add-in tools to retrieve hotmail or yahoomail, etc from you favorite e-mail program.

MrPostman is easier and I rekon better.

I been using it with Kmail for some time and just set it up for Evolution now for my wife to try 'this Linux thing'

Easy stuff.




Somewhere in the middle of this page is a download area at sourceforge.

If you do use it, make sure to get the latest (beta3 I think) version.

On 1-Dec hotmail changed some configs (I get no spam now!!) and the versions B4 1-Dec won't work.


You need java installed and paths set correctly etc, very easy to get running, read the info.


Hope this helps.


I'll help to guide you on setting it up if you try it.

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