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  1. I've run through the setups for KMail and some of the other mail programs that come with Mandrake 9.1, and they don't offer the ability to connect to webmail based mail services like Hotmail (my Outlook Express does of course). Do any do this? Thanks, PJ
  2. reran the install, and chose grub, and now it boots up. Thanks again! PJ
  3. I tried the search, but it was disabled, so i'll try grub. Thanks guys! PJ
  4. Didn't work, same thing. This is the second time trying to reinstall it, are there any options I can try differently? I chose to install to MBR the last time, should I choose root partition next time? anything else I can try differently? I didn't run fdisk or format on the drive before doing any of this - make any difference? Thanks again, PJ
  5. Total newbie to Linux, trying to install 9.1 from CD, everything goes fine, 15 mins later I reboot and get the error "L 99 99 99 99..." the '99' repeats itself about 100 times. I changed the BIOS to boot to the C drive after finishing the install. I haven't found anything anywhere about this specific message, so I need some help. Machine's a PII 333, 256 RAM, 13G drive. Previously had Windows 98 on it, I chose to have it erased, and Linux installed to the MBR. Any ideas? Thanks, PJ
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