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Adobe Flash Player security update 10.1


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I've been using 64 bit Flash for ages now. It's downloadable from their site.


Me too, but couldn't find the latest version, only 32-bits.wink.gif

Otherwise you could make happy sending a link?

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In addition, i only could find something about the 64-bit version in Google Cache.

It looks like there has been a withdrawal of the project so far.


And also information at:




What makes me feel, that the latest driver is not be found for 64-bit, this time around.

I will manage going on with the earlier version at 64, version



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I ended up using (on Archlinux 64-bit) the 32-bit version of the plugin, plus the Debian implementation of nspluginwrapper. While at times the CPU usage is high-ish, flash works OK- factly much better than the native 64-bit version ever did.

And-for the record, is not recommended due to the serious security hole mentioned on first post.

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