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What directories and how much space for each?


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I have purchased the 2010 Powerpack and will install on a 70gig hard drive with XP.


I got a little confused with the installation and may have made a wrong entry somewhere - the installation is not yet complete...


I can resize my hard drive giving approx half to XP and half to Mandriva.


I had previously used Mandrive and it had set up the directories automatically but for some reason I am asked to set up the directories individually.


Can you advise what directories I need to get started and how much space to allocate....


or would I be better cancelling the installation and starting from the beginning again?




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You really only need three additional, so swap at 1GB would be fine, it could even be 512MB if you have lots of ram. Then a / partition with 10GB, would be good, and the rest for /home.

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is this your full time box?


if it is, I would recommend going bigger than the 10gb for /


I had 11gb devoted to / and JUST recently had to "expand it" (not the most comforting feeling I might add)


however this is my primary desktop i do a lot of sound and video editing as well as some android dev and am 1/3 part of an IS on call team.


I dont game, but a few weeks ago I went to perform an update and it kept failing.


After the 3rd time I finally READ the error messages and son f a gun I had less than 1GB left


lucky for me during one of my previous setups I had devoted 40GB to my swap (yeah i dont know why either, probably got them backwards.


But when I expanded the 11GB to 20GB everything went fine.

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