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KMail display issue [solved]


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KMail 1.13.1, KDE 4.4.1


KMail has alternate white and blue lines (highlighting the text) for every second entry in the

folder pane and header pane.


I would like to remove these blue lines, but how?


I found this in KDE help on the web:-


"In System Settings->Appearance->Colors->Colors. for each color set except

Common Colors (which doesn't have it), change the Alternate Background to be

the same as the Normal Background."


(note USA spelling!)


But what is the "Alternate Background"? Mandriva has so many possibilities!

And none that I can see with that exact description or similar. Any clues?



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There's a drop-down box on the "colors" tab to select "Color Set", choose "View".


The first two entries are the list view colors. Change the second one (the Alternate) to match the first. :)



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