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  1. Hey guys, I just edit it... :unsure: The step by step here to removed in ICEWM as root... Code: rpm -e --nodeps `rpm -qa| grep -i kde | grep 3.4` Code: rpm -e --nodeps kdevelop (Something come up saying no kdevelop... I forget what it was) I just assumed it was already completely removed KDE Then installing in ICEWM as root.... Code: urpmi kdebase Code: urpmi kdeutils kdeaddons kdeaccessiblity kdegames kdegraphics Code: urpmi kdebase-kdm-config-file kdebase-kdm But so far, it is still running itself for half hour... Is that normal?
  2. Many thanks! I am all set... whew... I will work on sharing printers sometime this week... If I have problem with printers, I will check other posts...
  3. Sorry if I was not clear before.... When I decide to erase all files since I will go with ICEWM only, so that I can download KDE 3.5 and install as well... But When I erased Mandriva 2006 with KDE 3.4 and installed ICEWM with update.. It took damn forever and cancelled the update which had screw up.... So, I was doing all over, and erased everything and installed ICEWM without update... Then write down MDE, confid, plf-free etc. to get all update for KDE 3.5 ready to install and reboot! Make sense? :unsure:
  4. Mind my asking... if I want to uninstall KDE completely, how can I type in?? Also, why is it better not to use auto-select?? Thanks
  5. Hey guys... When I format it and install with ICEWM.... After reboot, it only come out terminal with black background and white text.... Is that normal? I never had ICEWM before... If it is normal, guess I will write down urpmi for conf, main, plf, plf-nonfree, and mde as well as input in root terminal... Thanks, soon to be KDE 3.5 :D
  6. It is not beta, we are already going in kde-3.5.3-10 No problem arctic I am thinking of format since I just installed and have not add any other software yet... So that I can format and run icewm first then start with download kde-3.5.3-10 which should be less headache? Thanks mmodem to keep all same path together! :D
  7. As of right now, I am using KDE 3.4 and will that be problem if I jumped 3.5.3? Or do I need to do step by step to 3.5.1 then 3.5.2 and on?? I am thinking of trying KDE 3.5?? Any feedback before I start process... Thanks! B)
  8. thanks daniewicz... Ok, I have three computers and a videophone which mean I am using DLink DI-608 router.... I am not sure if you would called that? When I play around and found something interested for me... when I went on "File Sharing under Network in the "Configure Your Desktop".... So, how can I disable it? I am not sure Here is the picture... FYI I am using Madriva 2006... Also, if I disable NFS, will it be possible to use sharing printer for my wife and kids in one printer... Is that possible to set up with NFS's system?? This computer is "master" controlled by router... I don't know what I am suppose to be called this... But the technician from videophone told me that a computer need to be stay in a master controller to control the configure for all (router)..
  9. Hey... I keep trying to find a clue, but guess I might have overlooked for some reasons... When I montior on shut down, and can see two ways Ok and or Failed. Most of them are OK except with one with Failed... The failed is from "Stopping NFS Locking"... Do you have any idea how can I fix it?? Also, I am not sure what information you need to help me with solving the problem.... SInce I am not sure what NFS is?? Thanks!
  10. Yes. :) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Many thanks, I am all set!
  11. Way cool, and make sure if Mandrake version; select 2005 which is for Limited Edition? Thanks!
  12. dmzeplin

    VLC Player

    I tried to install VLC media, but didn't show the picture?? Did I miss something? Did you download from website or from MCC?
  13. Thanks, I delete two .DCOPserver_localhost_:0, and they came back after reboot. OK? or just no big deal because no error screen came up again?? BTW, when I was at KDE 3.3.2 the email symbol with icon that tell how many emails (exusable by Karamba) was working good until I upgrade KDE 3.4 and it said server unreachable?? I believe something I need to install for Perl Program?? since mails_pop3.pl is there, in correct position /usr/share/apps/karamba/themes/scripts/mails_pop3.pl with username and password... ( was the same from KDE 3.3.2)
  14. I have eveything set from upgrade 3.4 and tried to restart by Ctrl-Alt-Backspace when reboot and splashscreen showed up good, then error showed up something with DCOP??? network??
  15. I have successful KDE 3.4 but when I downloaded mplayer and superkaramba, but they are not on Kmenu?? Nevermind, they showed up after restart my computer. I though they should show up right after I installed like I did in KDE 3.3.2?? Also, question for you, why do I get double and double like as examples from: Configure kopete Configure kopete There are not only two, but several of them...
  16. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> found out that I typed startx from root@localhost username before start up KDE.. make sure you type cd.. to get yourself out from root@localhost username] # to username@localhost] $ then startx hope if I am clear??
  17. Apparently, I upgraded to KDE 3.4 successful, but when start up, it already goes to root@localhost:# instead of $.... How can I set it to be normal start up with $??
  18. This got my attention, When I upgraded to KDE 3.4 and I see only "end session" without "restart" or Log off or shut down" When I went to MCC > Security > Set up a personal firewall in order to protect the computer and the network. Inside the Set up a personal showed different lists such as: Everything (no firewall) Web Server Domain Name Server etc... How do I determine the levels?? and wanted to be able to get end session, restart, shut off, others which normal I have seen... Many thanks,
  19. That would be wonderful! Thanks Thac B)
  20. Any one of you have KDE 3.4 and I think this is perfect and beautiful one you ever have... KDE 3.4 Just edit it for better link.. sorry!
  21. What a dumb of me... need to associate with .torrent, then I am all set... Thanks!!
  22. I have 10.1 official in my computer, and I wanted to format COMPLETE out, before my attempt with 10.2 RC2. When I tried to install 10.2 RC2 and I can see some 10.1 is till there which I tried to erase the data from 10.2 installation process. Since when I reboot after install 10.2 and I see there is still 10.1 desktop (wallpaper) still there. [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  23. dmzeplin


    I have downloaded from Karamba and tried to edit, but it keeps unauthorized. I was wondering how I can get root and permission to edit it?? I have been waiting for a reply from KDE-Look but no words since a week :unsure: [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  24. I am using Gimp 2.2 and seems nice... You may give a shot :P
  25. Really? if win32codecs is out, then why mplayer keep continue??
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