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    Removing Firefox

    my issue is, why is Mandriva pulling a MALWARE practice and forcing install of unwanted software? I do not want firefox sucking up hard drive space at all. if I wanted an internet explorer look / feel browser I would use crossover office and install internet explorer.
  2. Jaqui

    Apache - broken

    Yup, default basic config of apache in Mandriva 2006 is broken, no running apache webserver. Was the release rushed out to meet the 6 month schedule to have something as commonly used as apache broken? [ aww, not only Mandriva, the security alterations in apache 2 have broken several commercial websites on upgrading, the error messages even state it's RHEL 4 based servers with the broken apache ] it's more a case of implementing new security features without testing completely.
  3. A simple one, uninstall this browser with the software management tools. only problem is, some dip has made it a REQUIREMENT for half the software in the distro. I use Mozilla Suite, not Firefox, I do not want Firefox installed at all. so some dip's idea means either build from sources ripping requirements for firefox out of the distro, or switch distros. bad enough that we get stuck with graphics under console unless we edit the boot options after install, now we are being treated to M$ style crap and having unwanted software forced on us.
  4. exactly. mdk, deb, lfs, it's all linux and not that legacy os that is shipping with systems.
  5. wireframing to me says 3d model and display the "wires" that are the mesh. something like they did with wings logo.
  6. yup, though not for the reasons you think it is. The GIMP is a superb program, but in my opinion its power is much less accessible because its user interface sucks. Right-o, let the flamewar commence... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> but from the simple fact of the multiple top level window interface. put it all in one box peoples!!! forget this interface that can be on 15 different desktops simultaneously!!! it's as bad as both vi and emacs. ( antiquated alien application logic and command structure ) [ ooooohh the other holy war ] but then photoshop needs to do something to fix thier interface also, so don't be thinking that it's worth using. it's not. the best interface is versions 8 and 9 of corel's photo-paint.
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