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    IPW3945 + WPA

    WPA is still broken in the current Cooker builds :( Dropped my network to WEP for the minute, so its not a major issue, but irritating nonetheless. Haven't got round to trying the newer driver version, as I'm wondering if I should wait for the merged kernel versions. Ho hum. -Leezer-
  2. leezer3

    IPW3945 + WPA

    Hiya, I'm having trouble with WPA on my Intel IPW3945 card- I can connect to WEP & unsecured networks just fine, but WPA just doesn't connect. It seems to get as far as requesting an address from DCHP, but doesn't get any further. The IPW driver is the current version from the PLF repositories, just about everything else is standard cooker, bar a few custom built libraries (Nothing that should affect things as far as I'm aware, mostly custom support libs) Thoughts? -Leezer-
  3. Odd little question :P How on earth do I change the folder view method under Mandriva's build of Gnome to use a single window structure, as opposed to keeping on opening new windows? (The Ubuntu method of doing things) I simply can't find the option, or for that matter any reference to it anywhere on the net. Cheers -Leezer-
  4. Hmm. I seem to have got somewhere, but not far enough :) modprobe saa7134 tuner=54 i2c_scan=1 This gives me a working set of video inputs, but doesn't appear to be initialising the TV tuner itself?!- ATM, its not even picking up static in TVTime, just a blue screen. (Also, the light on the card and the fan that normally accompany the tuner under Windoze are not there either) Do you think I should be taking this to the MythTV talk forum now? :P Cheers -Leezer-
  5. Hiya guys, I've gotta admit my TV Card appears to have lost me somwhat :) I've got MythTV installed and working (A painful experience in itself :P ), and I now need to get the dratted card working with it. The card in question is a LifeView Cardbus Duo digital/ analouge tuner, for which I primarily need the analouge function. I have done the standard ferreting on Google, and the only thing of real relavance that comes up is this: http://www.pvrweb.com/bbs-old/viewtopic.ph...19574&view=next which has the stuff like the PCI ID's & the kernel module required to drive the card. Trouble is that I'm now just a little lost as to where to go from here :mellow: Cheers -Leezer-
  6. Found it Quite typically, this option has vanished from KDE 3.5, and so a little manual editing is needed: Find your /home/USER/.kde/config/kickerrc file. Add this to the bottom: [buttons] EnableIconZoom=false EnableTileBackground=fals and those dratted popups are gone. Cheers -Leezer-
  7. Hiya, Small problem really, but its irritating the heck out of me- 1. I cannot find anywhere to turn off the icons that follow the mouse around as an app from the menu is loading. 2. Similarly, I can't remove the info bubble when the mouse is hovering on a button on the taskbar. Cheers -Leezer- [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. Partial fix- Install 10.1 & then upgrade. Still some problems to iron out (Cursor) but has booted & is working. Cheers -Leezer-
  9. Ubuntu- Nice little distro, love Gnome, but just not yet mature enough (For relative noobs :P)- I try to install what had worked on the same machine, just different hdd, and the installer bails out with a message that it couldn't load the IDE drivers :( MDK- No problems whatsoever, but the latest beta is another story! -Leezer-
  10. Hiya guys, For various reasons, I've tried to install the latest beta, as opposed to the current 10.2. The install went reasonably, but the first problem is encountered with the graphics test- This gave me a totally trashed screen, with no text visible, the cursor a messy blob etc. I've tried all the drivers listed, but to no avail. When attempting to boot into the system in normal mode, it hangs at initialising sound- I've disabled this for the mo & all is well. However, the graphics are still totally trashed, and I can't do anything, let alone update the drivers & x server. Failsafe works perfectly. Edit: Drat, sorry I should have given some specs: *Toshiba Tecra S1 *Centrino 1.4ghz *Mobility Radeon 9000 Ubuntu was working fine on here, but won't go back on, due to the installer trashing the brand-new 80gb disk twice, and refusing to load the IDE modules Mandrake 10.1 also works fine, but there's large amounts of lappy stuff not working under the stock kernel, & some other stuff. Cheers -Leezer- [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  11. Finally- SOLVED!! Logistics on the IPW2100 channel pointed me to a file that removed a load of rubbish left behind by the ancient version Ubuntu had installed. With this removed, it compiled perfectly. -Leezer-
  12. OK, thanks :D Secondly, I have 99% solved SLMDM- Wrong driver version ; It's no use trying to compile a driver written for a 2.4 kernel on a 2.6 kernel, hence errors. With regards to the IPW, i'm trying the IRC in a moment, and we shall see what we shall see. Thanks -Leezer-
  13. Hi once again, First, sorry for the slight bump, but the situation evolves :P Anyway, I've fixed kpkg & have compiled & installed 2.6.10 from kernel.org. However, it ceases to surprise me that the SLMDM errors remain the same. Anyone have any ideas on where to proceed from here? Things are looking up on the IPW2100 front though, and these are the only errors I get now: I'm presuming that this is an error in the driver code itself, rather than in my kernel setup, so progress of a sort! (At the moment, I've tried disabling all encryption in the makefile, but no go) Thanks for your help -Leezer-
  14. Sorry, my typo. Anyway still the same error. If anyone has binaries for SLMDM & ipw2100, please post, otherwise soon I may be giving up on these, as they are non-essentials at this moment in time. (Still need them to get on the net though) -Leezer-
  15. Edit: Sorry, I spoke too soon Unknown target: make-kpg Something else is broken (Yes, I have installed the kernel packager) Before I install it, precisely what does it do? (In other words, does it update the kernel version running on the system or what, & if so should it create a new kernel entry in grub as the previous ones did?) As with the howto, I'd already found that, and was attempting to follow, but it was giving error 2 on attempting to compile. Therefore, I have been trying to fix the kernel source ever since Thanks for everything! -Leezer-
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