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    Dial-up so slow

    Hi Folks, I have SE2005 and an external 56K ELSA Dial-up modem on a modern PC. I regularly get a 48kb dial-up connection, but my Box my box makes an average of around 3kb/s, with very few peaks of up to 12kb/s. On both transmit and receive. The modem settings in kppp seem to be correct, the speed too. On Windoze it gets more than twice that speed. Where should I look now? Thanks, Helmut
  2. Sorry for the presumably silly question. Can't save as mp3 in Audiacity, because it needs libmp3lame.so Can't find it in any linux version, only for Win or Mac. Where to get it? I'm runnig SE2005. Thanks, Helmut
  3. Hi crundle, I've been told about that problem quite often and noticed it too on various occasions. If it just affects the length of your documents, consider yourself lucky. It seems that documents relying heavily on macros, especially with lots of automatic-formatting seem to attract this problem. One work-around would be to standardize and match what your auto-format does. This can be a lot of work in a business. The "frame" templates for documents need to be changed, but then the results are definitely rewarding. Do have a look at openoffice.org where you can ask users who have overcome these problems. regards, Helmut
  4. If I may think aloud: I presume you prefer Gnome as default rather than the KDE you are getting, (btw, so do I) and then you are sure you have Gnome installed, aren't you? If you dont have auto-login enabled (see in MCC), the login-screen gives you the choice of desktops, does it not? regards, Helmut.
  5. Hi Scarecrow! I tried it with power management in BIOS on, and also with off. Originally it worked fine with mdk 10.1, then it didn't any more. After upgrade to SE2005 this fault remained. Just wondering if it needs all ACPI's including in BIOS turned on first, then reinstall, then maybe ACPI back off? regards, Helmut.
  6. I have two dual-boot machines, both with SE2005: A) Mainboard ASUS A7V600-X, AMD Athlon XP2400, 512 DDR-RAM, 2 HD's, removable USB 2.0 Flashdrive, DVD/CD Combo wqriter, etc. B) ASROCK K7VT2, Athlon XP 2200, 256MB DDR-RAM, one HD, DVD/CD-Combo, etc. Helmut.
  7. Thanks folks, You know, there was a time when it actually did work on this computer! In the mean time everthing you said has been tried (exept for a total reinstall) but the problem persists. Thanks a lot anyhow. I think I'll just have to stick with it... regards, Helmut
  8. Thanks, devries! Got that KDE problem finally solved after so many years! (Gosh its awkward) Actually it went like this: 1) Opened Konquerer as a file browser, Settings, and changed view setting. 2) Settings/ Configure view profiles /File Management /Save. 3) Save Viewprofile "File Management". regards, Helmut
  9. Hi Sophgoat, Look in the Thunderbird forum, that problem seems to be an evergreen. Glad it hasn't got to me yet... regards, Helmut
  10. Hi Folks, I'm running SE2005 with 2 aggravating problems: A) When browsing files with Konquerer, it always comes up in Icon-view. I want detailed list view, but it wont stay like that. Whenever Konquere is closed and reopened, its Icon-view again. Is there a way to permanently fix it? B) Booting up with Gnome is great, but the normal method of logging out will not respond. You push "log out" and nothing happens. If I start KPPP right after selecting logout, the log-out-dialog does appear after all, but with about 20 seconds delay. (Usually I open a terminal and logout that way) Any ideas? Thanks, Helmut
  11. Thanks ERD and Glennzo, but it still don't work. All ACPI packages were installed already. I tried acpi=ht, noacpi and acpi=off, each time with rstart inbetween. Unfortunately its still not shutting the power switch off. It did so a long time ago, so I suppose its not the hardware... Grateful for any ideas. regards, Helmut
  12. Hiya, Just as John from lovely sunny Cairns said, its in the Services somewhere. Open the MCC, check the services. Next to each service it says what that one is for. You should look and check what you need, but do be careful If some services are enabled for something you dont have or need, for instance for a network that doesnt exist, it will first take its time for checking, and some time more till it realizes that nothing's there to check or do. By looking at the services you learn a lot about what makes your machine run. regards, Helmut
  13. Thanks flytopia for the reply, ACPI is now enabled via the MCC which wasn't before, but it still don't shut off. regards, Helmut
  14. Hi Folks, I'm now running LE2005 on two quite similar workstations with different mainbords. Both were upgraded from mdk 10.1 recently. One PC had this problem in 10.1 and has kept it after upgrading to LE2005: At the very end of the normal and as it seems correct and completed shutdown sequence, the computer stays on and does not go off. To be precise, after all processes are killed and all drives are turned off, nothing else happens. The power button on the PC's case needs to be pressed manually. Grateful for any ideas, Helmut. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  15. Hi 4ebees, Hope this helps you. I now use a mainboard ASUS A7V600-X which supports SATA, but am running standard EIDE drives on it. I tried that board with about half a dozen of the really popular Linux distribs, but it always had real big trouble recognizing the drives properly. Mandrake 10.1 was the only Linux I could find that worked properly with this SATA board at all. In other words, MDK 10.1 may well be the only Linux that recognizes this SATA board correctly, so your chances using it with a SATA would probably be best with this distribution. By the way, Mdk 10.1 worked right correctly straight out of the box with my HP all-in-one psc1100, my digital camera, the mp3 player, the PCI sound card, the modem, etc etc. I've never seen anything like it. Greets, Helmut.,
  16. Thanks for the help, PROBLEM SOLVED! I've now got a HP all-in-one psc1100 running with mandrake 10.1 Installing was so easy! Just put the mdk CD in, clicked on "Printers" in the MdkControl Centre and that was all! The printer works fine the scanner too, all I did was ONE mouseklick! Awesome! Thanks, Helmut.
  17. Helmut

    Happy Days

    I've had a quite similar experience with an ASUS A7V600-X board. It uses the VIA KT600 chip. On most distributions my drive gets recognized wrongly as hde1 and non-used SATA drives are also recognized although none are connected. It is only with Mandrake 10.1 it is correctly recognized as hda1. regards, Helmut
  18. Hi Folks, I have absolutely no clue what printer (or all-in-one) I should buy. While the big stores carry HP 3745C and 7260, Epson C46/C66 and others, I could not find one single model in the listings of linuxprinting.org So what should I do? How should I rekon what might or not work? What newly-available models work for you? Awefully grateful for any help, Helmut.
  19. Noone else have any ideas to get an i320 Canon Printer working? Helmut
  20. Hi Germ, Turboprint does have i320 drivers, but the free versions produce one horrible "Turboprint" all across the page, cant use it for anything presentable. The commercially available and probably usable Turboprint drivers cost about 60% of the printer. Hate being robbed or ripped off, which is why I turned to Linux in the first place. Hi Iphitus, Thanks for the advice mate! Yeah, my last printer was a HP Deskjet 600 but the cartridges always dried out and died in less than a month in park position. That became too bloody expensive. The latest on the i320 drivers: I got the drivers for the i250 from Canon Europe. They don't have Linux drivers for S300 or i320, same as Canon NZ. Downloaded eight i250 drivers (7 + the manual) and dumped them onto CD. Shutdown Windows and booted Mandrake 10.1 Created folder /i250 and dumped the drivers there. I tried installing the two rpm's, but there were many unresolved dependencies. Resolved them with the mandrake install-CD, but many "bad signatures" turned up, and new "unresolved dependencies" popped up again. I've been working on it for straight 24 hours, and now declare to have finally given up. I have absolutely had it, and only my wife's flowers on the windowsill prevented it from flying through the closed pane! A friend needing a Win-printer is now happy with that i320. Maybe someone else can try finding a solution for Linux. Maybe this helps: First look at the manual, particularly the pages "tutorial_01.htm" and "Guide_01000.htm (=Startup Guide, Installing BJ.Filter). Have MDK-install-CD ready and write down everything you do on paper. That way, you can retreat your steps in case of getting into a dead-end. Good luck, and thanks. regards, Helmut.
  21. I'll give it a try and post the results here. I have mailed Canon more than once, but never ever got any reply. regards, Helmut.
  22. No luck. My Canon i320 will not work with Linux, Helmut.
  23. Hi, I'm having the exact same problem with my i320. Been trying all possible to get it to work with Linux, but no success. What a pity, because its a really good unit under Win98. I have tried the Japanese ("pixus" instead of "i") Canon Linux drivers (Canon Japan), but they did not work either. I don't want to spend an extra €/$ 30 for Turbolinux drivers with unforeseeable result. My antique (1989) HP Deskjet PLUS does not work with MDK either, although it is listed amongst the printer drivers in MDK 10.1. regards, Helmut.
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