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  1. Thanks ianw74, but it won't work. After ppracer was installed, it wanted the nvidia drivers and that won't install This happens: Code: ls -l /usr/src answer: total 12 drwxr-xr-x Linux-2.6.12-14mdk ( and others etc..) Code: rpm -qa kernel-source answer: no answer, nothing happens! Code: urpmi kernel-source answer: The packages are already installed" Code: uname -r answer: 2.6.12-14mdk When installing "sh NVIDIA.....8178... " it first seems to work, but an error message comes: "unable to load the kernel module "nvidia.ko" (With the older NVIDIA....7187.. drivers the same happens.) The file /var/log.. also says on the bottom: "unable to load the kernel module "nvidia.ko" and also lists dozens(!) of error messages I cannot and probably will never be able to understand. I'm truly baffled and haven't the faintest clue what to do. (I'm particularly ashamed to say this as I have a recent PhD in "Engineering with an Emphasis in Digital Technology" with GPA 4 out of 4 ... This isn't funny at all!) regards, Helmut
  2. Allright, will check tonight. Thanks. If the Kernel sources are not installed, what would need to be done? Helmut
  3. Thanks inanw, thanks spiny. Found Tux racer as "pp-racer". After installation it wanted the Nvidia drivers. There were error messages almost to the end of the progress-bar "could not precompile kernel" or something like that. This morning I tried copying the error log (/var/log/nvidialog) but it just wasn't there any more. Gone! Will try again after work and then save the error log on floppy. Will report the results. Thanks, Helmut
  4. Thanks ianw1974, I'll look for the "ppracer" package as soon as I get back home. (At work now!) Both KDE and GNOME default game packages are all installed. Cheers, Helmut
  5. Hi Folks, After conversion from 2oo5SE to 2006, my kids complain Tux Racer (the one with Tux sliding down a ski-slope) is missing. Where can I get it? Cheers, Helmut
  6. Helmut


    I agree with Aussie John from lovely Cairns! My modem is an old 1997(?) ELSA Microlink 56K. It is an external modem and connected via COM connector. Even the latest snazzyest model with all bells and whistles couldn't work any better. At any rate, you can be pretty sure that if the modem is of the external sort, it is not a crappy Win-modem and so that it should work with just about any Linux. You could use KPPP to configure it and for connecting-up to the net. Cheers, Helmut
  7. Hi NewAgeLink, I'm using 2005LE myself, and it is not buggy at all, in fact it has bever caused trouble yet. The intent of Mandrake / Mandriva has always been to make as much work with a graphical interface as possible. Much of the stuff you must use consoles on other Linux'es will work on Mandriva via a graphical interface. Of course you can still use a console too, but many folks (me too) prefere using a GUI, and this is where Mandriva shines. A friend wanted to use the Yahoo messanger to talk to his family on the other side of the globe. I tried various applications, but GAIM worked best with the Yahoo Messenger, although it did not allocate the webcam. I understand the next release (is it released yet?) will work with webcams. regards, Helmut
  8. Hi richfly, I agree with Aussie John from steamy Cairns. Linux is very different from windows, and sometimes things need to be done very differently. Once you understand how and see how much better it is, you won't want to settle for crap when you can have the real thing. Mandriva SE2005 is what I bought in the June issue of "Linux Format" magazine from WH Smith's. You said you got youre's there too, so you probably have the same. It took me quite some time to start understanding Mandriva, all by myself. But with the help of other users showing me how, my understanding improved very quickly. May I seriously suggest contacting other users in your area. Then of course, this website really has loads and loads of information, but it only helps if you take a little time to look for what you need. Don't be too impatient. regards, Helmut
  9. Hi arctic, After wiping everything TB-related off the drive and reinstalling it as ChrisM suggested, the copying problem (endlessly making new profiles) is gone, and so the need for chown. With easyurmpi, well, it totally messed up the system. I was very careful about entering the correct information, and double checked it, but the result was a mess. Maybe I did accidently update it to a wrong version, but I really was careful. Now I'll just concentrate on the other stuff about getting the box working. Thanks! Cheers, Helmut
  10. Thanks again ianw1974, I'll give it a try. Helmut[
  11. Thanks a lot ChrisM, Got rid of the ailing TB-installation first by "packaging/ remove software", and then installed TB the way you said. It worked straight away! I still have loads of old mail on my flash drive, but can't seem to return it into the new TB. Arctic, the problem with easyurmpi was that after I did it (5 1/2 hours download) , everything was messed-up. No software could be installed, sources updated, etc, which is primarily why it was reinstalled in the first place. Tried it with chown -R as you said, but it says "command not found". Helmut
  12. I had to reinstall mdk 10:2. and that was easy. Now I've just spent the entire weekend tearing my hair and trying to install TB into mdk 10:2, but it really won't work no matter how I try. I tried it with the file "thunderbird-1.0.2.tar.gz" from the official Mozilla download site, but their install-instructions for linux are worse than miserable. Then I tried it with an rpm file for mdk 10:2 from a latest-edition magazine-CD, but my PC flatly refuses to accept it as an install media. It says "wrong signatures, will disable install media" etc. It now seems to be installed after all (Be damned If I know how that happened!!!), but there is no TB start button. It will start however if I type "thunderbird" into a console. Menudrake didn't help getting a start button either. Under "star", "Internet", "Mail", there is Kmail and other stuff, but no TB. After trying to copy the old mail into the local folders (/home/randomnumber/default directory) in the mail directory, TB insists on creating a new profile and refuses to let me access the old one containing the mail. After copying mail into the then newly made profile again, TB insists on creating yet another inaccessable new profile, and so on for ever. Swapping the mail contents inside files between profiles doesn't help either. If I can't get TB to work and import my old mail, the mail will be lost, and in the end that has a major impact on my ability to pay the rent... Btw, The mail-import feature of TB will not let you import mail from any other application other than Communicator 4.X , not even from the secured TB files! Glad to get help, Helmut
  13. May sound stupid, but are you sure you've entered the correct graphics card and monitor during install? You can check easily by looking up in the MCC. It is found under "configure the computer" . Cheers, Helmut
  14. Try this: A.) Standard security level is fine for normal users. Read what mdk says about it in the MCC B.) Go to: System, Configuration, GDM-Configurator, Graphical Greeter. Choose "Happy Gnome with Browser". That should take care of it! About printers, I agree with Kristi that HP shines, and in Mdk it shines even more! Lets thank folks like Till Kampeter every time we use a HP-Printer/Scanner/Copier for their fantastic work integrating them into mdk! Its absolutely no comparison to the appalling rubbish I've bought before, rubbish that cost more to buy and operate and always caused unnecessary aggravation. Helmut
  15. No panic! Allright, you lost the GUI, and that frightens newbies. It happens if your PC doesn't know which graphic-card needs to be supported, what resolution your particular monitor wants to actually make it work, and if your card can actually support it. Sound like a mess? Its easy to fix, so lets do it: Because your Windoze still works, lets use it to do this: Start Windoze. Look up under: Start / Settings / System / And look what brand and modell of videocard you have. Write it down on paper! Now check the brand and modell of your monitor. It tells you in the Windoze settings, and additionally is always written on the rear of the monitor's case. Write it down on paper too! While you are at it, you might want to print out this topic. Now the next step: Restart the computer and boot-up in Mandriva SE2005 Linux. Assuming it has now booted: When it gives you the text-console instead of the graphical interface, it is because it doesn't know enough about the monitor and/or graphic-card. Here's is how to fix it: On the console, login as root. Type the following into the console: drakconf Now confirm by pressing "enter". What you now see on the screen is the MCC, the Mandrake Control Centre. Operating it is just about self-explainitary. By means of the arrow-buttons, etc. you can choose which item you want to setup, and what information you want to enter. You need to setup the graphics by entering the exact brand and model of your monitor, and also of your graphic card. And of course, very important: If it asks you, you definitly do want it to start the X-server automatically on each boot-up. Done? Reboot by entering "reboot" into the console, or "exit" for shutting down. You are now set for using the probably best operating system around. Oh yeah, I agree with Aussie-John from lovely Cairns: Stop thinking windows! There are nicer ways of doing it! Btw: The Mandriva partitioning tools are the most powerful, versatile and easiest to operate of any system! Take time to look and you'll see. Helmut
  16. Thanks a lot for the advice! I will definitly stick to that when reinstalling. Helmut
  17. Hi Folks, I'm a long time MDK user. Think its time for a more or less clean reinstall. Just oo many minor nuisance-bugs have popped up in time, and they shouldl be gotten rid of with a format hdx plus reinstall. Now how is that best done? Personal documents are not a problem, because on a different drive. How can all the other stuff be preserved, such as: - Firefox-bookmarks - TB Addressbook - saved/stored passwords - preferences in assorted applications - anything forgotten? Grateful for suggestions, Helmut
  18. Thanks ianw1974, We'll see if the RH9 version of Yahoo Messenger works on mdk 10:2 The outcome will be posted here. regards, Helmut
  19. Thanks ianw1974, but the rpm's are for RH9. regards, Helmut.
  20. Hi Folks, My friend has limited idea of windoze and much less of Linux. After moving to this country his wife wants to keep up communicating with friends and family on the other side of the world via the Yahoo Messenger using their Webcams. They have all been doing so for ages on a Windoze PC, but that PC is gone and a replacement needed fast. Now here's the problem: An old 1997 PC with MDK 10:2 (SE2005) was set up for this, and she tried using Kopete and Gaim. Kopete could not be gotten to work. Gaim seems to work except for the very much missed Webcam function. I was told it is most important and a vital part of the Windoze version of Yahoo's software. No idea what is exactly meant by that, but some button for activating the very much missed webcam-mode or function is missing. I never use any of these apps myself and don't have a clue what shes talking about... Grateful for any suggestions! regards, Helmut.
  21. PROBLEM SOLVED !!! This fixed the not working power-off at the end of the shutdown sequence: 1.) Tried everything suggested, but nothing worked. 2.) Sometime later: Replaced the entire Motherboard and PSU because of a short circuit. Now with the new board, tried out everything suggested again. In particular: A) Opened the MCC, chose "Bootloader Options" B.) ticked the box "Activate ACPI" Hooray, It finally works now! Maybe something on that Mainboard was wrong, maybe some BIOS-adjustment, can that be? Still puzzled... Thanks for all the help! Helmut.
  22. Yeah, did the same on my dual-boot PC too. It always makes a hell of a lot of sense to think about how you want to use, save and backup your data! Besides that, running a computer without a data-backup-concept is like driving a car and never looking at the oil. My own method as one possible example: The common partition is used as the default path for all OpenOffice documents and also is the storage place for my entire private folders and files. Every now and then I just drag and drop the contents of the entire common partition onto the USB-stick. That way, if my computer vanished into thin air nothing important would be lost. Recovering would just mean setting up the operating systems and reserving an empty common partition, then dumping the stuff from USB-stick back on. regards, Helmut.
  23. PROBLEM SOLVED! While on the net I tried to install again by clicking on that desktop icon (liblame0-devel-3.96...) which was the same thing I tried yesterday while offline. See previous mail. It fetched something off some remote server and installed liblame! Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! Helmut.
  24. Helmut

    Dial-up so slow

    Thanks Folks! I recall BT adjusting the gain while installing ISDN (and a BT-labeled box with an external power-supply onto the wall) at a home in the UK. They dont let you look into their cards at all in here in Germany... Right now at this instant, KPPP-Statisics says:" 0.0 (max.12.0) kb/s " Is that bits or bytes? Btw ianw 1974: Did we meet in the Burrito place behind Wilkinsons in Canterbury? regards and thanks, Helmut
  25. Thanks Rolf and Crashdamage, I went to http://easyurmpi.zarb.org/ and a five and a half hour download followed. Then I went to http://rpm.pbone.net.index,php3... and a very brief download put an icon "liblame0-devel-3.96-1-1plf.i586.rpm" on my desktop. Clicking on the icon makes it want to install itself, but it says "Missing: ftp://plf.time4t.net/pub/plf/mandrake/fre....i586.rpm" and "You may want to upate your database". If I try installing liblame0-3.96.1-1 from the newly added databases (added after downloading from easyurmpi) is says: "bad signatures for liblame0-3.96.1-1plf curl failed: exited with 6 or signal 0 unable to install..." and a long list follows. At the moment I'm more than puzzled and really don't know what to do, or if I should just leave it... Helmut
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