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  1. I certainly got your point, scarecrow! But if there were more: "fairly straighforward/ trivial to use tools, like vi/nano/mc and clean, well-commented initscripts and configuration files, with complex and unnecessarily fussy GUI-based administration modules and "wizards", which never let you know if you have done something right." then many Wind Blows converts would probably never find their way to Mandriva. Maybe they would prefer Xandros or whatever. Btw, I saw the latest Xandros at the Linux Tag. I don't want to use it, but was impressed how much it progressed in the last year or so. It looks and feels so much like Wind-Doze, I wouldn't be surprised if someone might start a racket selling it as a new Win-Doze-Version! lol. If I didn't care so much for good GUI's and were a guru like you, maybe I would want to try Debian. But since I'm an ordinary user with an unimportant PhD in digital technology and don't make a living from being an administrator, Mandriva is much more like what I can manage and keep under my control. Better than the computer controlling me. Maybe I'll see it differently in the future, but it will certainly take a few more years before knowing enough to change my mind. Cheers, Helmut
  2. Thanks John, and hope you enjoyed your birthday in steamy Cairns! Probably the best feature of Mandriva is we hardly ever need a console or an editor, because practically everything has an excellent graphical user interface. This distinguishes it from just about all others and makes it so user friendly. Thats what I like most. The downside is, if once in a blue moon we really do need an editor, we may just don't know what to do. Either we forgot, or we never learnt how to use an editor in the first place, which applies to me... On the other hand, when I first tried working with vim as a newby, it was exceedingly difficult and didn't make any sense. I didn't dare touch it again in years. When looking again as an experienced user, it totally surprised me how easy it really was. Cheers, Helmut
  3. Thanks both of you! Problem solved! In Gnome it is: rt-click the panel> Add to panel> Window List Cheers, Helmut
  4. I only have one single panel, and that is usually in vertical position. This is because I mostly work with either text documents or video frames of different aspect ratios. These range anywhere from 2.21:1 (Cinemascope) to 1:1 (pre 1925 silent movies). After right-clicking the gnome panel, I can't find any suitable applet in Gnome which would restore a minimized window. Helmut
  5. A word of caution: I have similar nvidia-related problems and thought trying out the same by adding a new line reading (code): ConnectedMonitor "CRT" to the Device section of the file xorg.conf might help. The result was losing the graphical interface, and the computer became fu*#ed up, not even Kate would run any more! To undo the mess, or otherwise said to remove the false line from the xorg.conf, I did this: Logged in as root on the console. cd'd to /etc/X11 (the directory which contains the file xorg.conf) typed on the console: vi xorg.conf That called-up the editor VIM and made VIM open the file xorg.conf Located to the wrongly added line of that file and deleted that line. Moved to below the bottom of the last line of the corrected xorg.conf file and entered: :wq xorg.conf That wrote the corrected file back to hard disk and quit (closed) VIM. Entered: reboot and the computer rebooted starting as usual. Helmut
  6. Running Gnome, after minimizing a window you can't find it again. Its just gone, nothing to click on the taskbar, just gone. (Running KDE it would be Right-click on the KDE panel --> Add to Panel --> Applet --> Taskbar. But I'm running Gnome. ) Any suggestions? Cheers, Helmut
  7. Hey, this isn't solved yet! What about if you're using GNOME instead of KDE? What do you need to add to the Gnome panel then? Helmut
  8. I downloaded the same thunderbird- tar.gz from mozilla again. After that, same things happen again. Helmut
  9. The permissions of the "thunderbird" script are all ticked. /usr/lib is the place where the mdk-2005SE installer put mozilla-thunderbird 1.02. That is also the same place where the Mozilla thunderbird ... tar.gz put it. (Btw: I'm using 2005SE because 2006 will only produce psychedelic patterns on the screen after install. Whatever modifications via the console in the mcc, nothing will produce a working screen with 2006. If I add the nvidia driver to my 2005SE and go to int 3 or initiate shutdown, the screen becomes garbled and unusable too, so thats why I'm not using nvidia drivers. But thats all a totally different issue I definitely don't want to mess with any more.) As ianw1974 suggested within the 1.5.02 thunderbird directory from prompt, code: ./thunderbird produces: "cannot find mozilla runtime directory. Exiting" Same happens in the directory ... /usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird Helmut
  10. Thanks scarecrow, but it didn't work. Upacking the ...tar.gz produced a directory: /usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird- (The orginal (old) one was /usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird-1.0.2 It still exists) The contents of the new directory look very much like the old one. Amongst other folders, it contains a folder "thunderbird" with a shell script "thunderbird" of 5.1KB inside. If I place a link from that to the desktop, and then click on it, nothing happens. Cheers, Helmut
  11. Hi folks, I'm running 2005SE and want to upgrade to the latest T-Bird. I downloaded "thunderbird." from Mozilla and unpacked it. From there on I'm totally lost, and can't find anything in the FAQ's or by search. Tried for two days and nights, but no results except for feeling totally stupid. Help would be greatly appreciated. Helmut
  12. My first computer was a 80286 with DOS as the OS. It was useless to me, so I gave it to my 5-year-old daughter as a toy. My next one was a DX2 with W95. I tried instaling RH5 and SuSE, but never got past the text-based installer..! Mynext Computer had W95. I had finished University (at age 49) and just lost my job. The LinuxWorld was on show in Frankfurt and I had a free ticket, so I had a good look around and collected free CD's. With lots of time on my hands, I tested just about every distro that could be done in six months. ( FC1, SuSE, AUROX, etc. etc.) Mandrake was the one that worked best for me. I've tried several other distros in the mean time, but stayed with mdk. Maybe because just about everything in mdk works with a graphic interface to it. I just can't remember console commands, so I need everthing graphical. Thats how and why I use mdk. Helmut
  13. Thanks arctic! If this overdiscussed issue is the only one we must worry about, we seem to be fine... Helmut
  14. So what is or where is the point??? I carefully read and understand this discussion very well, including Gowator's and the other's standpoint. So KDE and Gnome are different which automatically qualifies them as having different properties and features. Agreed? But what's the point? Isn't the difference between Gnome and KDE really just a matter of taste or personal opinion, and aren't both truthfully excellent? Aren't there may more windowmakers asside from KDE and Gnome? Aren't Gnome and KDE apps compatible? Don't we Linuxers have a world of choice other OS-users have not even thought about in their wildest dreams? So what or where is the point for normal users? Lets be happy we can choose, and be grateful and thankful for the countless developers doing a damn good job! Btw: Any of you folks attending the linuxtag in Wiesbaden next week? Cheers, Helmut
  15. I agree with dexter11 that Mandriva could be better and more modern, but It (2005!) works for me, and does so a hell of a lot better than Windblows. Then of course it would be good if 2006 worked better with NVIDIA-graphics, if it had the latest OpenOffice, latest Gnome and KDE... and so on. Of course I would like the latest stuff too, thats only natural. But like I said, Mandriva (2005) works bloody well, and a hell of a lot better than Windblows ever did for me. For example, my new HP PSC-printer-scanner-copier got plugged in for the very first time and Mandriva did all the rest fully automatically. Wow! Thank you Till Kamppeter of Mandriva. So why feel distressed? Hey, it works damn good! I'll try 2007 when it comes out and try to be patient in the mean time. Helmut
  16. KDE or Gnome? Thats no issue for me, although I actually prefer the look and feel of Gnome. I generally agree with arctic. I have installed both KDE and Gnome and apps from both as well. If we are honest, we must recognize that both are excellent, just as the very many other windowmakers as well... So whats the question? Damn, this is not like Windoze, we can choose! Helmut
  17. If youre new to dating or new to Linux, you want to try out what you can and have lots of fun! Of course that creates loads of hype. But once you get settled down and are happy with what you have, you don't spend time messing around, or clicking-up Distrowatch's counters much more. After all, if youre happy with your marriage, why go hunting for alternative partners? I'm happy with Mandriva, so why should I click counters looking for other distros? On the other side, Mandriva's businessmodel has never been anywhere near as successful as we all would like it to be. Most of us get the distro for totally free, and Mandriva gets absolutely nothing in return at all! Compare that with Bill Gate's undertakings! I'm not sure if Mandriva can sustain that way, lets all hope the best. Helmut
  18. Thanks, Ixthusdan. thanks Ianw1974, So the XP-CD should work but Windblows98 would probably not? Helmut
  19. Hi Grendal, I've tried Yoper but had similar problems. It may help to look in the YOPER installation guide before giving up. Considering the older versions are almost totally the work of one(!) single person, Andreas Giradet, its quite a feat in itself. The ideas behind Yoper, to make it really fast, are certainly very good without any doubt. Lets hope the next version works as it should. If it does, that distro will really take off! Helmut
  20. Thanks for the quick reply! So, let me recap: It boots from Knoppix-CD, and from Mandriva-CD, but with either the genuine Win98 or the XP CD, the bootloader comes up and nothing goes further. You are saying it actually should boot? The BIOS of the IBM laptop has a boot sequence: 1) CD 2) IDE_0 Shouldn't it be possible to run fdisk/mbr from the CD? Helmut.
  21. OK folks, I'm in hot water and here's the problem: I installed Mandriva 2006 on a work-mate's IBM-Laptop without a floppy drive. He wanted to try Mandriva but now wants Windoze back. While the Knoppix CD will boot normally on his box, the Mandriva CD will only boot into normal installation routine and not accept F1 for "recovery mode". The Windows CD will not boot because the old bootloader always shows up and it will not go any further. I tried erasing the Linux partitions, then creating a FAT32 partition and writing it to MBR, but it can't be done with the Mandriva CD, because it insists in a root partition first before it will write anything to MBR. With a normal Windows box, I would now boot a floppy with system files and enter " fdisk/mbr" and the boot loader would be gone, and then Windoze could be installed. However this PC is a laptop with no floppy. Is there a Linux or whatever equivalent for "Fdisk/mbr" ? I really don't know what to do now and am thakful for any suggestions. The matter has gotten complicated, because he carries his laptop with him so I can't really experiment around. Highly appreciating any suggestions, Helmut. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  22. Hi ianw1974, Code: ls -l /usr/src/linux produces: /usr/src/linux@ After looking at many old posts on this website I tried a urpme kernel-source... followed by urmpi kernel-source... Although these commands worked, it didn't solve the problem. Spent quite a few hours and could not solve the problem and began to run in circles. Remember, this was all with Mandriva 2006 plus the 8178 nvidia-drivers on my 12 year old daughter's computer. After a long time, I gave up and installed the same 2006 software and the 8178-nvidia drivers again: Same problem again! Maybe something is wrong with 2006 + nvidia 8178? After chewing my nails off and tearing hair I gave up. While I went for a long walk my 12year old daughter installed the somewhat older Mandriva 2005, nvidia drivers 7167, and finished it off with my CD with the cumulative updates up to 11/05. This is the same setup as on my computer, and it now works fine on her computer also! Thanks ianw1974, thanks everyone else. It works now but somehow I feel like an idiot! Problem solved! Cheers, Helmut
  23. It really is a pain in the arse wishing and hoping they would state "Linux compatible" on the carton! It would certainly boost sales if it said so. I wonder why not, or are they all sponsored by Windoze? I have set up, fixed and built scores of computers for friends and family, and always tried Linux (for fun) on each box, even if the owner specifically wanted his or her PC to be setup with windoze. Here is what I found out and what I stick to: 1) For printing/scanning I prefer HP, preferably a PSC- all in one unit with printer+scanner+copier. They work perfectly good with linux, and especially so with Mandriva! (Thanks to Till Kamppeter of Mandriva for his great effort making Mandriva + HP's work together so perfectly!) 2) For modems I prefer the external sort, the chances of that working with Mandriva are very good. I personally have an old (1997?) Elsa 56k modem. A new one wouldn't be better. 3) For soundcards I prefer the sort with a well-proven IC that has been around for quite a while. They almost always work. 4) Avoid crappy cheap mainboards because the on-board stuff such as soundcards, modems, VGA, and so on may or may not work under Linux. Perhaps there is a 60% or so chance for each on-board feature to work. If you want 3D graphics to work you would want to get either ATI or NVIDIA AGP-cards. I have yet found no other cards with working 3D under Linux! (I would love to know if anyone found alternatives!) 5) Be prepared to buy replacements for on-board stuff that won't work, such as sound, VGA/graphics, etc, etc. Always ask the dealer before you buy if you may return it should it will fail to work under linux. If the store won't allow that, go somewhere else! 6) I have never had linux-compatibility issues with network-cards, USB-sticks, hard drives, etc. Helmut
  24. Now I'm back from work and the Nvidia stuff will not install. I checked this out: Code: /usr/src/linux produces "bash: /usr/src/linux is a directory" In /usr/src there are three objects: 1) a link "linux" containing 26 objects 2) A file "linux-2.6.12-14mdk" containing 26 objects 3) A file "RPM" containing the following files: BUILD; RPMS; SOURCES; SPECS; SPRPMS. All of these are empty except RPMS. RPMS itself contains the following files that are all empty: athlon; i386; i486; i586; i686 and noarch. Any suggestions? Helmut
  25. Thanks, Guys! Its not an IRQ issue. Thanks Ghil and Sellis. with code: uname -r it comes up with 2.6.12-14mdk and code: ls -l /usr/src includes 2.6.12-14mdk, so I asume the sources are OK. Ianw1974, I will check after getting back home tonight. Thanks. Helmut
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