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  1. twn_onizuka

    no sound found

    howdy good neighbor... Have you mananged to get sound? If, so i was wondeirng can you explain to me how you did it? Thanks
  2. i seee..thanks... well im usually on and off linux due to the lack of broadband connection (to dl updates and progs with urmpi), lack of drivers (my laptop is quite new) and lack of time to code and learn. But i was wondering what is the best way to install, as i have only assigned 10 gig of my laptop to mandriva 2006. Is it critical to assign a /home partition, because i have only a, / parition and /temp partition??
  3. Howdy, ive reinstalled my 2006 powerpack again, however this time im missing the consol button ont he tool bar. I was wondering how do i get it back, i cant seem to even find it in the menu. I was wondering what is the file so i can add it in through the wizard? For some reason i seem to get different installations everytime i do it....
  4. Howdy guys, people who have ICH6 sound cards, to be exact : 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family)...and are struggling to get sound i have searched through the internet and believe there is a solution to no sound. From what i have read it is a problem with the ALSA drivers. I have been told updating ALSA might do the trick, however i have failled misreably in following the directions prescribed in the wiki. Here is the link for the new drivers with instruction. If someone has managed to get it to work, please reply need a solution. http://system76.com/knowledge/index.php/AL...#Configure_ALSA Thanks...
  5. thanks. I have tried downloading many faws and guides to wine but i still dont know how. Many seem to have mastered it but i kindas have fallen behind the packs... Is there a guide designed for people with IQs below 50...i kinda fall within that category
  6. Hi, Im in need of replacement for Chemoffice. Chemoffice is a successul chemistry pacakge that is avalible for MAC OSX and Windows. However i have been struggling to install it through Xover, whom many lecturers ive known have been successful. Now i was wondering do any of the forum members know of chemistry software that is avalible as a replacement for Chemoffice? I have seem sum, but they have been difficult to setup due to my poor knowledge... Thanks [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. Howdy my fellow colleges; I am just wondering what do you guys prefer KDE or GNOME? Possibly the main pros and cons of each? I am aware it is self choice, but i am just curious. I was wondering how do you update KDE and GNOME? I currently have Mandriva 2006 powerpack... Thanks [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  8. Hi guys...its been a while; Anyway, i was wondering has anyone had this problem. Many lecturers i know whom use linux are facing the same problem. God, this is a pain in the arse. Any ideas?
  9. hi guys, ill check (umm...how do i do that?) whether i have all the packages installed. and what do yo umean by writing the basic soundmodule preload scripts to /etc/modprobe.conf; how do i do it as well? as you can see i have a lot of reading to do.... thanks again
  10. thanks...it didnt work.... everytime i muted or unmuted something it made a sound...so maybe some issues... need some fiddeling around with
  11. The setup successfully identified the soundcard, however whenever i try to use xmms or any audio program to listen to something no sound can be heard. Has anyone had this proble? if so how did you resoolve it??
  12. ahh i see... @ arctic, the reason i asked about the linux version question is because i borrowed a copy off a friend hoping it was the free version (i support software developers that dont mark up disgustingly); because i have a copy of 2005 le and it gave me hell...anyway @admin (shorthand..sorry!) i understand what you mean, because when you search google and the fourm for particular hardware it becomes confusing, as you get many hits with other hardware involved. For example after spending 2-3 hours of reinstalling mandriva over and over again i have managed to get my wlan working however it was done quite messily. i going over my procedures before i post them up. - by setting up a FAQ or a particular subgroup for a particular hardware it becomes the first link of call before you search.
  13. arctic .... i would like to contribute because surfing the interent for methods of setting up laptop hardware is like looking for a needle in a haystack...many methods are listed im new to mandriva i choose it due to the immense flexibility; we could just establish a section dedicated to one hardware, i.e chipset and users can just search for their own; i think this would be the best method. Anyway have to install mandriva 2006 again (3 times) in one day... how do i know what type of mandirva i have (i.e. powerpacks,etc, etc) ??
  14. well guys, i must admit im at a blockade...a big one...very big one as mentioned early i have a new benq laptop s53w; chipset: 915gm sound: ich6 ac97 wlan: intel pro 2200bg this hardware is the core of my work, and there is poor, if any proper support. I guess we should start a thread dealing with these specific hardware as most laptops use the sonoma chipset. Also, id like to point out; some laptops with centrino (wireless lan) should note that intel 2200 pro bg is only a chip some vendors, i.e. benq use inprocomm as their carrier card. well thats from my analysis. Well, if the moderators will develop threads which target specific laptops hardware. makes it easier to deal with issues; people should provide laptop vendor and solutions. cause not everything goes to plan. im a chemist and reactions dont follow journals
  15. hahahhaha....thanks scarecrow. I love linux, but never had the time to fiddle with it...just brought a new laptop and decided to use it because some programs in window places burden on my cpu and battery. thanks...
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