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  1. Thanx for the reply ! I've urpmi all of it (Apollon and plugins). Not sure how I enable the opennap, gnutella, gift, etc. I got the fasttrack running, so it isn't that important. It just had been fun to make them work though, since they are avaliable I'm pretty much a noob to Linux but like to learn and explore more of it ! Thanx
  2. Hi there ! I've just installed Apollon on my mandriva 2006 and it works perfect with the FastTrack (kazaa), but how do I install other plugins and make them work under Apollon ? I've urpmi opennap, opengift and gnutella, etc., but doesn't appear in the "info" screen like it does on the link below; http://apollon.sourceforge.net/screenshots/apollon1.png Any suggestions ? Thanx ! Best regards
  3. Hi ! Thanx for reply ! I've tried removing the soundwrapper text in menudrake (done that once before), but that didn't work this time...., but I urpmi xmms-alsa which i read in another post and then it worked again !! Still I got this problem when everytime I boot/reboot my linuxbox, it loads my web-browser with this page I visited days ago, and also my mailapp. "Kontact" ?? Is there a way to remove this. Kinda annoying......
  4. Hi I just upgraded from LE2005 with Mandriva 2006. Several things got mixed up......... Problem one; I can't get my XMMS to run at all. When clicking the Xmms icon, nothing happens at all. First I didn't get Mplayer to work eighter (only in root), until I stopped all audio apss. and then stopped and started the ALSA module. Then I got Mplayer to work again ?!?! But my XMMS sems to need some more configurations :-| Problem 2; Everytime I reboot or start up, Mandriva allways load my web-browser with a page I visited days ago and my mailapp., kontact ??? hmmm... I allways get some problems llike these with each upgrade.....?!? Thanx ! Best regards
  5. Hi ! Thank you all for great information ! I will run a reinstallation soon, and will then follow your leads. Thanx !
  6. HI ! Is there an easy way to change the bootloader to start windows automaticly (when the timeout runs out) instead of Linux with a dual boot; XP and Mandriva LE2005 ? Since I'm only trying things out..... ;-) And also... a great partition suggestion on my system: Got two SATA discs on 80GB each. They are configured with raid (two 80GB into one 160GB I think) It's been a while since I set up this computer, so it's time to reinstall everything, but with Linux as an alternative. Rest of my system: 1GB ram, P4 2,6Ghz CPU, GFFX5600(256). I've also heard that making the swap partition on another physical drive is absolutely recommended ? Best regards Thanx!
  7. Hi again folks ! Well, I just wanted you to know that I urpme shorewall, restarted and then urpmi shorewall again. The problem is still there. hmm... I think I have to remove shorewall for good to make aMule work after each restart. It's still strange though......I mean I didn't have to do this before I upgraded. It's not a BIG problem to me, but I'm a kind of guy that wants to solve this kind of stuff. To learn. :-) havent we all been amateurs somehow ? hehe Best regards Ole
  8. HI ! Ok. I've replaced all the files except "group.conf", "kwritedrc" (which didn't have any file to replace with ?) and "qtrc" because the original file had a size of 957 and the .rpmnew file begins with a star, had a green color and had a size of 80 ??? (didn't dare...) Well, I'm sorry to tell you, I still got the same problem, except I got my old dekstop look again :-) I checked my firewall before I started aMule. It's turned off. I'm sure if I'll uncheck the first box in the firewall rules again, it'll work ! hmmm.... strange. Thanx ! Ole
  9. OK. Thanx ! I will give it a try. I'll post the result later Ole
  10. And then something happend, hehe ! [ole@minlinuxboks ~]$ su Password: [root@minlinuxboks ole]# updatedb [root@minlinuxboks ole]# slocate rpmnew /etc/X11/fs/config.rpmnew /etc/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver.rpmnew /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/konqsidebartng.rc.rpmnew /etc/kde/clockappletrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kcmdisplayrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kcookiejarrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kdeglobals.rpmnew /etc/kde/kdesktoprc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kdesktop_custom_menu1.rpmnew /etc/kde/kdesktop_custom_menu2.rpmnew /etc/kde/khotkeysrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kickerrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/klipperrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/konquerorrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kshorturifilterrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kpersonalizerrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kwritedrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kuriikwsfilterrc.rpmnew /etc/kde/kxkb_groups.rpmnew /etc/kde/mountwatcher.desktop.rpmnew /etc/kde/konsolerc.rpmnew /etc/cups/client.conf.rpmnew /etc/cups/classes.conf.rpmnew /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.rpmnew /etc/cups/printers.conf.rpmnew /etc/sane.d/dll.conf.rpmnew /etc/samba/smb.conf.rpmnew /etc/mime.types.rpmnew /etc/squid/squid.conf.rpmnew /etc/nsswitch.conf.rpmnew /etc/services.rpmnew /etc/group.rpmnew /etc/qtrc.rpmnew [root@minlinuxboks ole]#
  11. Hi again ! I've tried "updatedb -rpmnew" as root. It turned up like this: [ole@minlinuxboks ~]$ su Password: [root@minlinuxboks ole]# updatedb -rpmnew [root@minlinuxboks ole]#
  12. Hi again ! I did an upgrade by DVD (download version, ISO), and then I updated packages with urpmi autoselect (no verify) when all sources was updated, which took a while..... I didn't try aMule before the urpmi though..... :unsure: thanx ! Ole
  13. Hi there ! Yeah, I've looked at that site, but isn't it strange though that the firewall wont stay off after reboot ? I've also forwarded the tcp ports in my router (as virtual server). It worked ok before.....? aMule worked fine with Mandriva 10.0 comm., 10.0 official, 10.1 official, but something happend after upgrading to 2005LE. :After reboot: starting aMule,LowID. Have to check the first box in my firewall settings- confirming - aMule = HighID. (I can then start and stop aMule as many times as I want still with HighID !....until I restart my computer....) :After reboot 2nd. time: starting aMule once again = LowID. Have to uncheck the first box in my firewall settings - confirming - aMule = HighID again. hmmm...... As I said; Didn't have to do this before the upgrade. Thanx ! Ole
  14. Hi ! My problem was first pointed to the aMule forum, but since I got a rather strange firewall behavior, I have to turn to this forum :-) Why do I have to check or uncheck the Mandriva firewall on/off each time I restart my computer to get high ID when using the aMule fileshare tool ? Once confirming the firewall settings (doesn't matter if I check or uncheck the first box in the firewall rules) I can start and shut down aMule as many times as I want, until I restart...... then I have to enter the Mandriva control center again and confirm the firewall settings (check or uncheck the box) and then I can run aMule with HighID again. Why ? (aMule wih lowID = behind a firewall = can't download) Thanx ! Ole
  15. HI ! After googleing around, I finnaly made my HP PSC1215 to print ! But I still got problems to make the scanner work using HPLIP. I've tried several tips on this site, and I know there are people who figured it out. It's just probably me :P Thanx !
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