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  1. I installed KDE 3.4 by using the Kubuntu installation CD. http://www.kubuntu.org.uk/
  2. I think that GNU/Linux-software like KDE gets better all the time, and I therefore like my system to be as up to date as possible. I know it is possible to install different components individually as they get released, but I prefer downloading ISOs and install the system from scratch every time. I will probably switch to a different distribution if I feel that my software is out of date and Mandrakesoft don't have anything new I can download. Mandrakesoft haven't made a single buck on me, and probably never will. There are lots of people like me, and I therefore partially understand their decision of more focus on the corporate world. They have on the other hand gotten a lot of positive publicity for free from satisfied users like myself on discussion boards all over the world, and the value of this should definitely not be underestimated.
  3. Problem solved! I downloaded a lot of patches through the “Mandrake Update” option yesterday, and now the printer problem is solved. I am not not exactly sure which patch it was that solved it, but the important thing is that it now works perfectly. Hurra!
  4. Here is mine. Not very stylish, but highly usable.
  5. It comes with a visual basic compiler in addition to the C# : http://www.go-mono.com/mbas.html
  6. Coding is great, but takes a lot of time when one gets started :D I managed to compile the game in Windows, and I have made it available for download at this location: http://www.genepool.biz/ . I still haven’t been able to find a real basic compiler for Linux, but the mono-project looks very promising: http://www.go-mono.com . Installing it is quite hard at this stage though…
  7. Does this mean you haven't found a way to predict the market or that you have, and are not telling :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wish I had :)
  8. The game generates all the numbers internally and is not linked to anything online. Using real-world data would make it impossible to play the game when the markets are closed, and would also probably be to slow to make the game “playable”. I think it is possible though, and might be useful if I would want to rebuild the program to analyze historical stock trends.
  9. spinynorman Thanks for helping out. I found a “make rpm”-function in the Gambas program. Unfortunately, it seems like the applications that I make in Gambas will not install on computers that don't have Gambas themselves. From the .spec file of the RPM: ... Requires: gambas-runtime >= 0.95,gambas-runtime <= 1.0,gambas-gb-qt >= 0.95,gambas-gb-qt <= 1.0 ... I think that a standard Linux installation should contain a BASIC compiler in addition to the g++, as there are a lot of people like myself who have used Visual Basic, if only to make Excel macros. devries I think I would have kept it to myself if I figured out a way to predict the marked :) There are however some simple rules that seems to apply, but usually not in a degree that would cover transaction costs. Like for instance the fact that markets go up on Mondays and down on Fridays. (Buying shares when the market closes on Friday evening is more risky as one usually have to hold them in 2 days no matter what happens).
  10. Here is a Screenshot of the first piece of software I have ever made for Linux, a fairly simple program that simulates the stock market. I used Gambas, which I found a lot easier to use than the QT3 and KDevelop that Mandrake include in their packages. Does anyone one know how to make a rpm? Or at least how to make it possible for others to use stuff that I make? Or does anyone know how to fix my printer? http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=19181
  11. The drivers that Lexmark provides on their website didn't work on my system at all even though they seemed to install perfectly, so I had to remove them again just to enable mcc to find my printer. Very strange...
  12. The misunderstanding was entirely my fault as there is a big difference between logging in as root and using a root password to enter MCC. My previous Linux install (SuSE 9.1 one week ago) had even greater difficulties with my printer, and I was never able to print anything else than a demo page. SuSE 9.1 also gave me a lot of CUPS error messages every time I turned of the computer, so Mandrake 10.0 is definately an improvement. That I am not able to print things without logging in as root as quite annoying though.
  13. Thanks for answering. I see I wasn't too clear on how I open the MCC :) What I do is exactly like you suggest, except that I have started MCC from the start menu. Here is the error message I get when trying to delete a print job as a user: I get the same error message if I try to “move to printer”, a task that is done automatically if I have logged in as root. So basically I can neither print nor delete print jobs without logging in as root, though it is possible to get the jobs to appear in KJobViewer. It might be possible to give user some root privileges, but I haven't tried that yet. (Not that I know how it is done..)
  14. Yes, I used Mandrake Control Center to install my printer. Unfortunately I have to login as root to be able to access this program, and I guess this is why only root is able to use the printer. I've already tried to remove and reinstall the printer, but it doesn't help. Is it possible to install the printer without logging in as root? Or is there some way of changing the “ownership” of the file://dev/something...?
  15. The Windows version of Photoshop Elements works fine in Linux when using Wine 20040914, though it is still quite slow.
  16. Hi How do I configure Mandrake Linux 10.0 so that my printer works when I am not logged in as root? My printer is a Lexmark E210 that is connected to the computer by USB. (Yes I am quite new to Linux...)
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