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  1. hmm. try linux expert ide=nodma and if your asked for a driver or to probe for that texas thing then just cancel. Not sure that will work though.
  2. Darn. How'd bvc find out. /me goes off hunting for the informer.
  3. jpeacock, you can try the alt1 kernel and see if that works
  4. you found install logs in /var/log? did you even read murzilla's posts?
  5. It's scary but my story's kinda similar to thyme's (heheheh). First time I ever used a computer I was 15 and in a library, It was a windows computer and I did something and got a BSOD. I ran outta the library as fast as I could and didn't touch another computer till a year later when my mom bought her own. One more year and I got my own PC for college so I started messing around with windows a lot. I'd gotten bored w/ windows seeing that I'd gone as far as I could go w it. I knew how to mess w/ the registry and crap like that but it still felt restricted. I'd also gotten interested in hacking (which I later found out to be cracking) and heard that unix was the thing for hackers to use (which was true, hackers in the real sense though, not crackers). Almost year later I went to work for this place that had a Sun box, the thing'd been up for two years without a reboot (which utterly astounded me) but was but ugly (which utterly repulsed me). Right about then Windows XP was getting ready to be released and I got all excited about learning a new OS and got my mom to sign up for the Beta Testing program. I'd also started playing with linux as I had used it on one of the machines at work They had redhat and caldera openlinux installed. I didn't use either of them much but thought they looked interesting. So they stuck in the back of my mind. Then windows XP got released, Woo! I'd been using the RC for a couple months now and had gotten quite comfy with it but the bastards initially decided that the Beta testers couldn't upgrade to XP and had to buy new versions. So I wrote an e-mail (to the beta program) basically saying Go **** yourselves! If I don't get to upgrade to XP from the Betas I'll either Pirate XP or use linux. I tried using linux but I'd gotten redhat and it didn't work so well. Got everything but X installed. So I pirated XP instead :D (god bless edonkey and Devil'sOwn). But XP had started pissing me off in it's own right and I'd happened upon a copy of Caldera Openlinux. I started reading up after using Caldera and saw numberous references to MDK Well, the rest as they say is history.
  6. Ah but it does. Mozilla clearly states that it's a Technology Preview. That means that it can eat your computer and leave mozilla blameless. Being fully aware of this MDK might be held accountable for said eating of computer and we can't have that can we? Just wait until firefox is @ 1.0 then you can bitch at mdk for not including it. Btw I agree with bvc. Firefox is no longer the sleek beast which it used to be, which is a shame. It does look better and is more customiazble than IE though so I have it installed. If it weren't for the fact that Konqueror doesn't have support for g-mail yet I wouldn't have many other reasons for keeping it. I hope they speed it up again for 1.0.
  7. yup mplayer is awesomeness. and now that I've kmplayer install it plays everything that mplayer can embedded in konqueror. It's in contrib for those who'd like to check it out.
  8. illogic-al


    run draksound as root to load sound modules.
  9. yeah the remote machine shouldn't have to do anything but display. Support needs to be on the local end for this too work (basically agreeing with what phunni said)
  10. The Norwegians stopped doing that though. It's likely that something else is the matter but i guess it can't hurt to try the solution listed in the link.
  11. As root urpmi mandrake-doc Cheers.
  12. What are you using for burning. If it's k3b all you need to do is run k3bsetup and it'll set things up automatically.
  13. I have no idea. You may get somewhere by going to #mandrake on irc.freenode.net but in my mind what you're asking is impossible.
  14. on mandrake we install rpms with urpmi. Since you've installed 10.0 and you're trying to install mozilla 1.7 I doubt this is from an rpm. I'd suggest foregoing the tarball installation and just doing urpmi mozilla All software has to be installed as root user though. For more info on urpmi check pur faq section It needs a bit of updating but it should get you started :-D
  15. If I recall correctly this is a problem with arts. Sometimes it gets "stuck" on startup and prevents the rest of KDE from starting up. What I usually do to stop this when it occurs is do [ctrl]+[alt]+[f1] then login and do killall artsd This kills the process and when you go back to X using [ctrl]+[alt]+[f7] KDE should continue loading. This may be caused by incorrect permissions on the sound device but whatever the reason it's definitely a bug. Instead artsd should pop up a dialog saying that it cannot start the sound device. In any case I agree with Speidra, but since I've found it to be pretty stable (I build kde myself not from mandrake rpms) I'd encourage you to file bug reports on the problems you have.
  16. Nah, they have install logs, you're just looking in the wrong place :-) [root@kube] ~ 02:14:04 # ll drakx/ total 3182 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6348 Aug 14 08:44 auto_inst.cfg.pl -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 217338 Aug 14 08:44 ddebug.log -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 16012 Aug 14 08:44 install.log -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 245 Aug 14 08:44 README -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1474560 Aug 14 08:44 replay_install_drivers.img -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1474560 Aug 14 08:44 replay_install.img -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 52346 Aug 14 08:44 report.bug.gz -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2198 Aug 14 08:44 stage1.log [root@kube] ~ 02:14:12 # That bit of info says that they're in root's home dir in the drakx directory. Cheers mates.
  17. That's right. No DE wars cuz we ALL know KDE is better! /me runs off giggling :D
  18. I have ksnapshot set to take a screenshot when i hit the [Prt Scr] button. It's an option in the KDE Control Center. On mandrake I think it is set automatically. If not you can just add it manually.
  19. illogic-al

    Too loud

    /me is jsut curios, what does the pic have to do with your system sounds...
  20. Default KDE windeco Default KDE colors Default KDE style 1 Child Panel (transparent) 1 Normal Panel (transparent) 1 Kasbar (transparent) Nuvola Icons
  21. ipax, when you boot up the CD and get to the splash screen you can try doing linux ide=nodma This will turn of DMA access (which will be slower) but the install might proceed then. If not maybe turning off autoprobing is needed.
  22. Try this first, Load the mandrake boot CD, and when the splash screen comes up type rescue Then choose the option to re-install the windows boot loader. Then you can try to boot normally and you'll find out if you've formatted the whole partition or not.
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