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  1. /usr/local/mozilla/plugins That should be a correct path. Or some variation of it. Using konqorer look for the netscape and mozilla directories. They should be in /usr/local/ Like with everything linux once you have an idea of what or were everything is its jalf the fight. You can add flash to any browser plug in directory as long as you know where the directory is. They are normally in the browsers directory so that makes things simple.
  2. Have you tried starting the system with the mouse plugged in instead of plugging it in after boot?
  3. Look up URPMI on this board. A post below explains what to do.
  4. This site will set you right. http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php Basicly it uses the underlying commands that the GUI update uses. Its more complete and in depth. You don't need to remove you old sources for this to work. After you get the new update sources setup (get a PLF and contrib source) type in the command urpmi --auto-select This will update the whole of the system. But only the apps you have installed now. To add more you just need to use the command urpmi appname Like urpmi gaim this will download and install Gain. You'll have to do all this from a terminal windows as root. To switch to root user just type in su then the admin password. Post back with any other questions.
  5. I liked the M$ add right next to the artical.
  6. Try resetting the BIOS first. Also make sure you have the thing plugged in right. Try the mouse in another computer. Maybe it was not unplugged in a "gentle" way. Maybe she tripped over it or hit the plug hard or something anything.
  7. http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php Go here to get good sources for updates. The instructions are right on the page. After a good first update everything should work very well. After that I just update once a week to make sure everything stays secure. Normally there is nothing to update after the first.
  8. Goto this site http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php and setup you update sources. Everything on the 4th disk is online and available. Just not as an ISO format.
  9. As for updates that are easy. Mandrake has URPMI from the commandline. Its VERY VERY easy to do and setup. with the right sources setup its as easy as 'click and run'. Though 'click and run' might have a few more apps i have found they are not the better ones out there. You can have 40 imaging apps on your system but you'll find you only use one or two.
  10. reinstall and don't let it do the updates. Sometimes it hangs on that last part. For me its never found any to install and I have to do the updates right after installing anyways. It seems that Mandrake can't find its own update sites the right way.
  11. Its included in Mandrake 10. KDE. Just setup the directory for the slideshow.
  12. This for anyone not just you rockman. If your running a duel boot machine you can goto any or the update mirrors and download the whole list of updates while in M$windows. You can then place them on a shared hard drive partition or place them on a cd. Or several cd's. Update your sources to include these new cd's or partitions and you can then at least get around a winmodem that isn't working for you yet. Use any of the mirrors listed here to get the latest updates at a fairly good speed.http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php
  13. Make sure you get al the updates. Several bugs have been worked out in them.
  14. Since you can get to a semi-usable GUI then I'll assume your running KDE. Goto the MCC(Mandrake Controle Center) The small screen icon with the wrench on it. Then the HardWare icon. And in there you should find an Icon for your screen resolution, monitor, and graphical server. try the resolution one first. If that doesn't work try the monitor then the graphical server. Something should help. If just not post back.
  15. Installed the new kernel as soon as I found it and redid the Nvidia module. Worked from the get go. Different GLX file entry but works fine. Even after reinstalling several versions of the Nvidia driver this is the first time I got the new GLX line.
  16. Try a different media and burning slower. Burning slow helps.
  17. Its not a dumb question. Most highspeed external modems have either a ethernet connection or both ethernet and usb. Besides the highspeed cable plug.
  18. If you have the computer automaticly log you into a user and gui then you get the option to shutdown from the gui. If you login then startx then you only have the option of logging out back to the commandline.
  19. If you mean just a command line or text only screen then type in startx to get to a GUI. If that doesn't work post back the error message you get.
  20. Thats the kernel used for machines with over 1 gig memory. Its also compiled for the i686 prossessors. Pent4 and up. It should be pretty stable for you.
  21. What error massages are you getting when you boot and don't get to the GUI?
  22. Pzatch

    Power problem

    Check the battery. Its a quick and simple fix if it is the battery.
  23. Pzatch

    SyncMaster monitor

    Have him explain it a bit for you. maybe even have you do it again just to make sure. Tell him you want to know how so that you don't have to call him anymore with the little things.
  24. That sounds like a bad download or a bad burn since the same problem happened on two different machines. Did you run the md5sums on the downloaded ISO files before burning them? Maybe a different cd media or burning as the slowest speed will help. It helps alot keeping the speed down.
  25. DansGuardian might lead you to some usefull info. Its made just for blocking websites and content.
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