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  1. I have similar problem. Seems to have happened since I stuck in the CD-Writer. Everything seems ok but cannot detect the CDs at all. Any Ideas as to what needs to be check or rearranged?
  2. The documentation available on the net for DHCPd is, as you say, mediocre at best. Even on the development website - but you can buy the book. http://www.isc.org/index.pl?/sw/dhcp/
  3. Draco Araurlis


    Does anyone here know how to set up a DHCPd server to listen to 2 networks and give out 2 different address ranges?
  4. The card is set as a DHCP client and it's not connected to a DHCP server?
  5. Second post in the thread has instructions for cli setup.
  6. Just run the ICS function in MDK10.1 - seems to work or you can use the pinned network help thread. http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=15646
  7. DNS servers not being passed on to the Win2K machine I suspect. Tell me, is there any reason you're using a cascading LAN and not a switch?
  8. I've just put a third NIC in my Linux box (MDK 10.1 Official) without any issues whatsoever - except that for some reason it decided to name the third NIC eth1 instead of eth2 as expected. I suspect this has something to do with eth0/1 using the same driver module. As for setting up the ICS - I followed Streeters manual setup the same as I did when I had 10.0 community installe but this time it didn't work. So I used the wizards - and this time they worked. Except for Samba - which did work in 10.0
  9. Yep and have your windows PCs ethernet connection set to get their IP address, Default gateway and DNS server automatically.
  10. I'm guessing that your eth0 is setup to receive the IP information via DHCP. With that in mind what you need to do is set it up with a static ip address and other related information (gateway, DNS etc) and then setup a DHCP server in Linux to listen to eth0 and have your Windows machines set to use DHCP for their IP addresses Here's a really basic howto http://linux.cudeso.be/linuxdoc/dhcp.php Asking questions is not even remotely stupid - not asking them is.
  11. Your DNS server addresses on each individual PC in the lab are incorrectly setup. You need to go into the properties of each one and define the DNS address of the servers you wish to use.
  12. Do you have the Windows box on auto-config for the ethernet? If you do then your DNS info isn't propagating to the Windows box correctly. Although I'm wondering why you have the cable modem connected to a switch and then to the Linux box. Can you not connect it directly to the computer? My system is similar - ADSL router to Linux Box to 8 port switch
  13. If they were routers rather than switches then you could possibly set up some sort of bridging. But as is - I suspect you'll have to buy that extra NIC.
  14. It does this with every mirror on the list. The only change that occurs is the first error number - most of the time it's a 9 or 10 but occasionally I've seen a 23.
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