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  1. Welcome to the MUB B) Yes, I would think so. Are you installing 2010.0 or 2010.1? The second is still in beta (I think) and so could be a problematic install. It would be better to install 2010.0.
  2. Yes, I can confirm that tux99 is correct. Get rid of those old kernels!
  3. Welcome to the MUB B) Can you start OO from the command line and see if any errors are reported to the console?
  4. Well I don't have much to offer. The fact that you have turned off ACPI implies that battery level notifications will not work. I would google Acer, aspire, and ACPI to see what other boot options might be more appropriate. I just went through this with a Toshiba laptop. I had to use acpi_osi="Linux" to get the AC adapter to acknowledge insertion of the power cord.
  5. Welcome to the MUB. B) The thread you are replying to is 5 years old. Try starting a new thread and give some details about your version of Mandriva.
  6. If the memory sticks were not properly inserted then memest would detect errors.
  7. Well since your memory tested OK my next guess would be a defective power supply. Do you have another you could use temporarily for testing?
  8. I found this solution at the following website: http://fernando-acero.livejournal.com/ translation by Google vnstatd[xxxx]: Error: Database load failed even when using backup. vnstatd [xxxx]: Error: Database load failed even when using backup. Aborting. Aborting. The solution is to open a console as root, go to / var / lib / vnstat and delete all files in it, considering that there are hidden files, for example using mandates, which would eliminate the primary database and the security (hidden file) of the eth0 interface. rm -rf eth0 rm-rf eth0 rm -rf .eth0 rm-rf. eth0 Then, create a new database using the term. vnstat -u -i eth0 vnstat-u-i eth0 This command must be repeated with each interface in the system we have, for example, using the usb modem, we must also create a database for PP0 interface through the command: vnstat -u -i pp0 vnstat-u-i PP0
  9. To find a rpm package that contains file XXX $ rpm -q --whatprovides XXX rpm -q --whatprovides libperl.so gives the following on my mandriva 2008.1 install: perl-base-5.10.0-13.1mdv2008.1 so make sure you have this file installed.
  10. So you wish to boot Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mandriva?
  11. daniewicz


    Please explain what you mean when you say you are using the xorg video driver.
  12. It could be that you need to clear the CMOS for the motherboard. There should be a switch on the board to do this. Do you know where this switch is?
  13. Firefox 3.6 has been released. www.mozilla.com
  14. PenguinPete: Glad you got it working. Ian: Aagghh. You are correct sir!
  15. add it to /etc/modprobe.conf
  16. My "libflashplayer.so" is located in /home/username/.mozilla/plugins
  17. It has been a few days, but Firefox 3.5.7 has been released. www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox
  18. The repositories are always a bit slow to offer the latest versions. If you are using an older Mandriva like me (2008.1), you will never see thunderbird 3 in the repositories. I run thunderbird 3 using the download from mozilla.org
  19. Yes they match. My comment was regarding the mixing of and in an earlier post. I am uncertain about the use of kernel packages with latest in them (only because my installed packages don't have those words).
  20. You need a kernel and kernel and a kernel-devel packages that match. Here is what I have on my Mandriva 2008.1 system: kernel-desktop- kernel-desktop-devel- kernel-headers Note that the number appears in both, hence the match.
  21. You need to install (from mcc) the kernel source which matches the kernel you have installed. See this thread: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?/topic/32376-nvidia-geforce-mx440/page__p__238887__hl__kernel%20header__fromsearch__1entry238887
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